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  1. The Class Group does not have enough experience lines for level 254, it only goes up to 98, you need to add more XP, up to level wanted.
  2. Hello, I was giving a researched and unfortunately I did not find it so I decided to post here. What I would like to do is that by going through any portal, or even using a @ go / @ warp command for a map other than the current one, you will see a message in a box on the "Please Wait" screen, then the loading screen enters. On the Official servers before entering the Charging Screen there is a Delay with the Waiting Box. In emulators this delay is skipped, simply ignored. If anyone knows how I can do this or be able to give me a light I thank you from now on.
  3. Show the DATA.INI I had the same problem. I solved putting data.grf in 1 and rdata.grf in 2
  4. conf/global/sql_connection.conf
  5. Yes, it is HTTPS, it always shows connection failure But I believe that in the latest version it is possible to use a secure page is just you to search a little.
  6. that KOE_Timer = 0; per set KOE_Timer,0; that KOE_Start = 0; per set KOE_Start,0; that KOE_Timer_Claimed = false; per set KOE_Timer_Claimed,false; Try this
  7. friend, but the letter itself already does it. bonus bIgnoreDefRace,RC_NonBoss; if you prefer you can remove this part of the Samurai script and add all of the races manually. in the link below has all this, including as soon as you download the emulator comes in the following directory youremulator\doc\item_bonus.txt here are all the races
  8. Sorry, but I did not understand your question very well. Do you want the Samurai Spector card to totally ignore target defense, regardless of the target's defense of property?
  9. clique duas vezes no número "char_id" Edit: or click edit
  10. 'char_id' should start at 150000 the way it is there: 1, 2, 3 ... it's wrong
  11. equipping a card that enchants you with the property Demon, or Undead. I also believe that what you want to do with the skill can only be done in SRC.
  12. Sim, mas provavelmente deve haver a "Flee" por ai também.
  13. src/map/status.c Não lembro a linha, mas vai encontrar lá a fórmula. Lá está para a cada 10 pontos em luk, ganha 1 de esquiva. Espero que seja isso que procura.
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