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  1. Hi, I'm looking for someone to teach me the basics of how to start making my own server. I was trying to follow guides, but I can't seem to figure it out. I'm basically a complete newbie. Not sure if this falls under your services, but I'm hoping to find someone who will help. I'm willing to pay of course for the instruction. My discord is charlieluvsu#9136.
  2. the asheraf file appears to no longer exist? is that a problem at all?
  3. EDIT: Not sure how to delete, but figured out the answer to my own problem myself. mods can delete if need be.
  4. @18782 so I tried to go into nemo (finally got time today, been busy with school) and it gives me another error message still. have another friend trying to help me with this and he gave me what he feels is the most stable RE client. here's a screen shot of what happens when I click on "enable multiple grfs" also would like to note I am still getting a SLEW of error messages. it appears I can't select most of the things I need to for some reason in the nemo patcher thing. for the sake of information here is a list of all the errors that come up with i hit "select recommended" 1.) Disable 1rag1 type parameters: Failed in Step 1 - 1rag1 not found 2.) Disable Ragexe Filename Check: Failed in Step 1 3.) Enable /who command: Failed in Step 1 -'america' not found 4.) Fix Camera Angles : Failed in Step 4- No or Too Many matches 5.) Always Call SelectKoreaClientInfo(): Failed in Step 1- Error String missing 6.) Hide Build info in client: Failed in search 'build : %s- %s' 7.) Enable /showname : Failed in Step 1 8.) Hide packets from peek: Failed in search pattern 9.) Read msgstringtable.txt : Failed in Step 1 - 'america' not found 10.) Remove Gravity Ads: Failed in Step 1 11.) Remove Gravity Logo: Failed in Step 1 12.) Restore Login Window: Failed in Step 1 13.) Disable Nagle Algorithm: Failed in Step 2 - socket function missing 14.) Translate Client: Failed in Step 4- 'america' not found 15.) Use Normal Guild Brackets: Failed in Step 1 16.) Use Plain Text Descriptions: Failed in Step 1- 'america' not found 17.) Enable Multiple GRFs: Failed in Step 1 18.) Use Ascii on All LangTypes: Failed in Step 1 19.) @ Bug Fix: Failed in Step 2- Function call missing 20.) Remove Hourly Announce: Failed in Step 1 21.) Remove Serial Display: Failed in Step 1 22.) Enable DNS Support: Failed in Step 1- IP not found 23.) Cancel to Login Window: Patch Cancelled - Restore Login Window patch is necessary but not enabled 24.) Disable Help message on Login: Failed in Step 1- Signature PUSHes missing
  5. how do I know what is recommended and necessary? sorry I am completely new. I am able to open data.ini by itself, but i do not know how to open it in nemo.
  6. so once again I am trying to finish the guide from AnnieRuru on setting up my own offline server, but on step 6d I have come across some steps that I cannot figure out how to get past. I have downloaded Nemo, and multiple clients from the site she linked in step 6d . no matter which one I choose tho when I try to "select recommended" like she tells you to, I get a slew of error messages. like 5+. I will post a screen shot of the first one, but any help on figuring out where I went wrong would be appreciated. also any of the steps in 6d appear to be confusing for me as well. one of them says just DATA.INI. what do I do with that for example? it doesn't show up in nemo so I'm pretty confused overall.
  7. So I am currently following AnnieRuru's guide on how to set up an offline server, I followed all the steps up to a point where the guide tells me to open run-server.bat the issue was that when it tried to run the servers, it says "login-server.exe was not found. make sure, that you have compiled the login-server." and it repeats this for map-server.exe and char-server.exe in separate windows. the guide says to make a post if I failed to make it run properly at this point so here I am. any tips on what I can do to fix things or where i might have gone wrong? CONTEXT: first time doing anything like this and have no background in any of this server stuff, scripting, or any of that. the most background I have is a bit of web design years ago. so I'm sure I messed up somewhere along the line.
  8. Hey everyone, I'm new to this whole server stuff, and this is going to be a hobby of mine I've decided. I came here because I honestly am completely lost and don't know where to begin. I've looked at the wiki and searched the forums, but ultimately I'm always stuck on what to do. I hope being here I can learn how to eventually make my own Ragnarok server someday ^.^
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