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  1. Friendly, best service, loved the service. Thank you from the heart! i love u
  2. Conquest/rush. Asura/Acid bomb and other skills are getting in the emp (The right thing is to take 1 or miss)
  3. The emperium continues to receive damage (from asura for example), how can you check please?
  4. Hi @Dastgir Is it normal to be able to use emperium skill as azura?
  5. Nice work @Reins. Are you available for freelance as well?
  6. awesome, i love you maps btw, Are your other jobs available for sale? @w0wZukuBg
  7. costumeitem (
  8. Hi! Changed packets, how can you update @AnnieRuru?
  9. Hello @Dastgir Is the class constraint working? I create the item, it works.. When you log out and log in, it does not work.