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  1. assuming your VIP has a different group ID, let's say groupId > 0 if (getgroupid() > 0 ) { getitem 7859,20; } else { getitem 7859,5; }
  2. I found this snippet of code on rAthena that when an MVP spawns on his natural map, the pvp mode goes on, when the mvp dies, off. if( md->state.boss ) { map_setmapflag(bl->m, MF_PVP, true); } I'm having a source error with "map_setmapflag(bl->m, MF_PVP, true);" Tried using "map->list[m].flag.pvp", and "map->list[m].flag.nopvp;" (when turning it off) Can anyone tell me the correct way to do it?
  3. I have successfully installed the plugin. But when I use @arealoot, it says that @arealoot is Unknown Command. Update: @arealoot command is working now. But its still only getting 1 item. instead of 3x3 area items.
  4. Hi, do you still accept Custom Skill services?
  5. Hi, how to enable potion pitcher on emperium with a fixed amount of 500HP per potion pitch?
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