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  1. Hey, i think this will work like that... Just an Freestyle Script in this Forum Code snippet I hope it will work, this is my Fast Solution, you can Improve this by Callfuncs to Config everything by typing the command once. so you can Configure the Itemshower with the command itmshoconf and let it rain with the command itemshower the Items will Rain Around the Player Who use the command, so it isnt bind on an map. The Command is only useable for GroupId 99 and Above so normal players wont see this in their command list and in the Itemshower theres everytime an 1,7 random chance on whish place around the player who use the command the item will appear. Please Test it before u use it and fix some errors - script Sample -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd "itemshower",strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnShower",99; //Fires The Configurated ItemShower bindatcmd "itmshoconf",strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnShowerC",99; //For Configurating the ItemShower end; OnShowerC: mes("Hey There, What would you do?"); switch(select("Change Item ID","Change Shower amount","Change Item Quantity","Nothing, Boy!")){ case 1: mes("Type in the Item ID!"); input .itemidIS; next; mes("The Item with the ID "+.itemidIS+" would "+getitemname(.itemidIS)+" is this correct?"); if(select("Yep!","Nope!")==1)close(); set .itemidIS,0; close(); case 2: mes("Type in the Shower amount!"); input .amount; next; mes("The Item Shower will rain about "+.amount+" is this correct?"); if(select("Yep!","Nope!")==2)close(); set .amount,.amount+1; close(); case 3: mes("Type in the Item Quantity every Item will Appear!"); input .quantityIS; next; mes("The Item Shower will drop every time "+.quantityIS+" items is this correct?"); if(select("Yep!","Nope!")==1)close(); set .quantityIS,0; close(); case 4: mes("Come back again if you need my help!Boy!"); close(); } end; OnShower: getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected], UNITTYPE_PC, strcharinfo(0)); for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<.amount; [email protected]++){ [email protected] = rand (1,7); if([email protected] == 1){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]; sleep2 50; } else if([email protected] == 2){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]; sleep2 50; } else if([email protected] == 3){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]; sleep2 50; } else if([email protected] == 4){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]+1; sleep2 50; } else if([email protected] == 5){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected]+1,[email protected]; sleep2 50; } else if([email protected] == 6){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected]+1,[email protected]+1; sleep2 50; } else if([email protected] == 7){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]+1; sleep2 50; } end; } end; }
  2. Why u use two users? I can see herc_PRE_user and herc_PRE_loguser? Just use 1 User for the whole SQL connection. It seems like your passwort for the sql connection is wrong.
  3. #Bump Could anyone Help me out to get an working Plugin for VIP System and Tell ne how i can move the cashshop.conf file (item_cash_db.conf) to SQL Tablet ?
  4. Hey there, since the last Update ive got errors in Timestamp Plugin: chat-timestamp.c In function 'clif_wis_message_pre' : chat-timestamp.c:160:8: error: too few arguments to function 'map->nich2sd' ssd = map->nick2sd(nick); How does i can fix this one? Could you please update the Plugin?
  5. Hello, Does your Server Username und Passwort are the same in your conf for Char and map Server? (map-server.conf and char-server.conf) What about your firewall? are the Ports open?
  6. Ive seen someone but i used only the basics. this is the first time i used this operators and calculators. Thats why i need help. If i can fix this by myself i dont ask this question... Heres my next try but it will show the next error. I used the function in Deprecated Notice This one: # from the Hercules root folder: find npc db -type f -exec sed -i -r 's/pow\((.+),[ ]*(.+)\)/((\1) ** (\2))/g' {} +
  7. Hey, it is this Script: Ive tested the 10 ^([email protected]+1) and the NPC Stuck. if i use 10 ** [email protected]+1 it works but the value is wrong, now i know why this happen. How i can fix this Script so that it will Work? Thank you
  8. Hey there, i use the Shop System whish i found here in herc. If i Use this System, the server says that "pow" will be removed in future und is deprecated. How i can fix it without getting issues in NPC Text and Function? function ValueConvert { set [email protected], atoi(""+getarg(0)); if ( [email protected] == 0 || [email protected] >= 2147483647 ) return getarg(0); set [email protected], getstrlen(""[email protected]); for ( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < [email protected]; set [email protected], [email protected] + 1 ) { set [email protected]$, [email protected] % pow(10,[email protected]+1) / pow(10,[email protected]) + [email protected]$; if ( ([email protected]+1) % 3 == 0 && [email protected]+1 != [email protected] ) set [email protected]$, ","+ [email protected]$; } return [email protected]$; } I changed the pow(10,[email protected]+1) to (10 ** [email protected]+1) but this got me some issues when i buy some Items from the NPC and the Item Count in text is wrong. If i use the Pow(10,[email protected]+1) then it works but the console says deprecated. How i can fix this?
  9. Oh sorry, i used the wrong Server This is because my Server is in the Switching process :X So here is what i have in my itemdb.h:
  10. Hmm i dont know that u use rAthena. At the moment i switch my Active Server from rAthena to Herc. And for me the Converter works fine, surely with Items above 40k IDs. My Server got about 978 Item IDs above 40k.
  11. Hey, If you Check the file /src/map/itemdb.hpp You will find this line: This should solve your Question
  12. Umm i just checked the doc file and in my Opinion, you use one { and } more than you need, so the Option cant be allign. Just remove it , and the script should watch like this: option_drop_group_db: ( ValkRandom: ( { Rate: 5000 CLASS_DAMAGE_BOSS_TARGET: 5, // 5% más de daño a MvPS CLASS_DAMAGE_BOSS_TARGET: [6, 8] // 6 ~ 8% más de daño a MvPS CLASS_DAMAGE_BOSS_TARGET: [9, 15, 1000] // 9 ~ 15% más de daño a MvPS }, { Rate: 2500 CLASS_DAMAGE_BOSS_TARGET: 25, // 25% más de daño a MvPS } ), TEST2: ( { Rate: 5000 VAR_MAXHPPERCENT: 5, // 5% MAXHP VAR_MAXHPPERCENT: [6, 8] // 6 ~ 8% MAXHP VAR_MAXHPPERCENT: [9, 15, 1000] // 9 ~ 15% MAXHP }, { Rate: 2500 RACE_TOLERACE_HUMAN: 25, // 25% resistencia Demi-Human } ) ) I think this will work, but i havent tested it yet... I hope it will do its job now
  13. Hey there, i see this is an Old Topic but i will explain my Solution for this I wrote an NPC who asked the Player whish Language the player will use at his first Login (even if they are an old player and dont set an variable) the player choose an option and got the var #langset,1. and #lang. if the player hasnt set anything, he dont got the var #langset and OnPCLoginEvent detect this one so the Player will ask. if the player choose one, the #lang var will set 0 or 1(Different Languages, 0 is the default one) and the npc detect this while i use: mes(!#lang)?"Hey there i am the Default Language!:Hey there i am the Second Language!"; Mes scriptcommand - (var)? "If the var is triggered:if the var isnt triggered"; this works fine for me Sorry for my bad english :X
  14. Hey There, i Just want to Change my rAthena Server to herc, i build up an Testserver and while i setting up everything, i noticed something is missing. some of my Players got VIP benefits from VIP System on rAthena but there isnt an system like that in herc yet. Maybe it would helpful if cash shop could fully load from an SQL DB... I dont got the knowledge to write this plugin right now.
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