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  1. Good morning, dear friends I want to make a npc but I do not know where to start. follows the line of reasoning. example: if the poring dropar card (not autoloot) will be played @effect 400 if it is possible to reproduce by SRC even better. Inspired by the new ragna0 method
  2. Good night, the problem remains. the percentage of xp on the JOB bar is invisible.
  3. Hello dear friends. when running the available ragnarok zero files and getting my server up and running, I noticed the problem that the fiver fields maps were not brought in and the bright items mode was not activated either (white, blue and yellow items) someone went through this problem? Misspellings due to google translator. appreciate.
  4. thx!!!! I will take the test later, and post the result.
  5. Good morning, I changed the max job of my server to max job 70, but when arriving at job 60 the bar disappears. "but still rising normally" can someone help me with the same problem?
  6. Good evening, someone could kindly help me to make this npc split the bonus xp to members of a PT It works normally, the player gains the bonus, but when in a group, only those who killed the mob get the experience gained prontera,170,187,2 script EventoXP 767,{ if(getgmlevel() == 99){ while(1){ mes "^FF0000ROTD^000000 refer to ^0000FFRace of the Day^000000"; mes "In another word, it mean that the ^FF0000Monster's Race^000000 that you killed by day will grant you ^FF0000Extra Bonus EXP / Item / Zeny ^000000."; next; mes "[ ^FF0000Today's ROTD^000000 ] = ^0000FF"+.ROTD$[.Race]+"^000000 Race"; mes "^FF0000_____________________________^000000"; mes "Bonus Lists :"; mes "^[email protected]^000000 EXP = ^0000FF"+( ( !.BonusEXP )?"No":.BonusEXP+" %" )+"^000000 EXP Bonus"; mes "^[email protected]^000000 Zeny = ^0000FF"+( ( !.BonusZeny )?"No":.BonusZeny )+"^000000 Zeny"; mes "^[email protected]^000000 Item = ^0000FF"+( ( !.BonusItemAmount )?"No Items":.BonusItemAmount+" x "+getitemname( .BonusItem ) )+"^000000"; if( .BonusItemAmount ){ mes "^[email protected]^000000 Rate = ^0000FF"+.BonusRate+"^000000 %"; mes "^FF0000_____________________________^000000"; mes "The Amount of Bonus Reward is given ^FF0000Randomly^000000 at a fixed Rate."; } next; switch(select("^4EEE94ROTD Information^000000", ( getgmlevel() < .GMLevel )?"":"^FF0000[GM]^000000Set a New Monster's Race", ( getgmlevel() < .GMLevel )?"":"^FF0000[GM]^000000Set EXP Bonus", ( getgmlevel() < .GMLevel )?"":"^FF0000[GM]^000000Set Item / Zeny Bonus")){ case 1: mes "Today's ROTD has choosen ^0000FF"+.ROTD$[.Race]+"^000000 Race , which will grant you some ^FF0000Extra Bonus EXP^000000."; mes "The amount of ^FF0000EXP Bonus^000000 are ^0000FF"+.BonusEXP+" %^000000."; next; mes "For ^0000FFParty Members^000000 , they will only receive ^FF0000Bonus EXP^000000 if they didnt killed any monster."; mes "Besides, they have to stay in the ^FF0000Same Map^000000 in order to get the ^FF0000EXP Bonus^000000."; next; break; case 2: mes "Choose ^FF0000Randomly / Manually^000000 ?"; for( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < getarraysize( .ROTD$ ); set [email protected],[email protected]+1 ){ mes "[ ^FF0000"[email protected]+"^000000. ] ^0000FF"+.ROTD$[[email protected]]+"^000000 Race"; } message strcharinfo(0),"Input the Number. Choose Random if you want it Randomise a Race for you."; input .Race,0,getarraysize( .ROTD$ )-1; next; if( .Race == getarraysize( .ROTD$ )-1 ){ set .Race,rand( getarraysize( .ROTD$ )-1 ); } mes "[ ^FF0000ROTD Update^000000 ]"; mes "[ ^FF0000Updated^000000 ] = ^0000FF"+.ROTD$[.Race]+"^000000 Race"; mes "[ ^FF0000Bonus EXP^000000 ] = Extra ^0000FF"+.BonusEXP+"^000000 %"; announce "[ ROTD ] : New Race : "+.ROTD$[.Race]+" with Bonus EXP of "+.BonusEXP+" % ",bc_blue; delwaitingroom; waitingroom "[ROTD]:"+.ROTD$[.Race]+" ",0; next; break; case 3: mes "Set ^FF0000Random EXP / Manually^000000"; mes "Input 0 for ^0000FFRandom Bonus EXP Rate^000000"; mes "Input ^FF0000RATE^000000 for ^0000FFManual Bonus EXP Rate^000000"; mes "^FF0000EXP Range^000000 : 1% ~ 100%"; mes "Current Rate = [ ^0000FF"+.BonusEXP+"^000000 % ]"; input .BonusEXP,0,100; if( .BonusEXP == 0 ){ set .BonusEXP,rand( 1,100 ); } next; mes "The New EXP Rate is [ ^0000FF"+.BonusEXP+"^000000 % ]"; announce "[ATENCAO]: Todos os mobs da RACA:["+.ROTD$[.Race]+"] Estao com Bonus de EXP de "+.BonusEXP+" %.",bc_yellow; next; break; case 4: mes "You may set a ^FF0000 Item / Zeny Bonus^000000 for the ^0000FFROTD^000000."; mes "This will work when you have killed a ^FF0000ROTD's Monster^000000, there will be a chances for Player to gain the ^FF0000Item / Zeny^000000."; next; mes "Input the ^FF0000Zeny Bonus^000000"; message strcharinfo(0),"You may input 0 to disable it. [ Use it Wisely ]"; input .BonusZeny;; mes "Input the ^FF0000Item ID^000000"; do{ input .BonusItem,0,32767; }while( getitemname( .BonusItem ) == "null" ); mes "Input the ^FF0000Item Bonus Amount^000000"; mes "Range of Amount = 0 ~ 30,000"; message strcharinfo(0),"You may input 0 to disable it. [ Use it Wisely ]"; input .BonusItemAmount,0,30000; next; mes "^FF0000Rate^000000 to get it ??"; mes "^FF0000100 = 100%^000000"; mes "^FF0000 10 = 10%^000000"; mes "^FF0000 1 = 1%^000000"; mes "^FF0000 0 = DISABLED^000000"; input .BonusRate,0,100; next; mes "[ ^FF0000ROTD Update^000000 ]"; mes "^0000FFZeny Bonus^000000 : "+.BonusZeny+" Zeny"; mes "^0000FFItem Bonus^000000 : "+.BonusItemAmount+" x "+getitemname( .BonusItem ); mes "^0000FFItem Rate^000000 : "+.BonusRate+" %"; next; break; } } close; OnInit: OnClock0000: set .GMLevel,80; setarray .ROTD$[0], "Amorfo", "Morto-vivo", "Bruto", "Planta", "Inseto", "Peixe", "Demonio", "Humanoide", "Anjo", "Dragao", "Random"; set .Race,rand( 10 ); set .BonusEXP,rand( 1,100 ); set .ExpLvlRange,10; delwaitingroom; waitingroom "[ROTD]:"+.ROTD$[.Race]+" ",0; end; OnNPCKillEvent: if( getmonsterinfo( killedrid,19 ) != .Race ) end; if( getcharid(1) ){ set [email protected]$,strcharinfo(3); set .BaseLvl,BaseLevel; getpartymember getcharid(1),1; getpartymember getcharid(1),2; for ( set [email protected], 0; [email protected] < .partymembercount; set [email protected], [email protected] +1 ) if ( isloggedin( .partymemberaid[[email protected]] ) ) attachrid( .partymemberaid[[email protected]] ); if( strcharinfo(3) == [email protected]$ && ( .BaseLvl - BaseLevel ) <= .ExpLvlRange ) getexp ( getmonsterinfo( killedrid,3 ) * .BonusEXP / 100 ),( getmonsterinfo( killedrid,4 ) * .BonusEXP / 100 ); }else{ getexp ( getmonsterinfo( killedrid,3 ) * .BonusEXP / 100 ),( getmonsterinfo( killedrid,4 ) * .BonusEXP / 100 ); } if( rand(100) <= .BonusRate && .BonusItemAmount ) getitem .BonusItem,rand( 1,.BonusItemAmount ); if( rand(100) <= .BonusRate && .BonusZeny ) set Zeny,Zeny + rand( 1,.BonusZeny ); end; }else{ mes "^ff0000[ATENCAO]:^000000"; mes "Todos os mobs da RACA:^000099["+.ROTD$[.Race]+"]^000000"; mes "Estao com Bonus de EXP de "+.BonusEXP+" %."; close; } }
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