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    custom_bg (3ceam)

    i'm still getting the error message... even though i put set already... :'(
  2. good evening gent and ladies....... i have a script above that was created i think by euphy in collaboration with ms. annie or is it ms. annieruru's work only.. anyway the script above is set to have a starting score of 2 only or the amount of the people needed to activate the event... now what i would like for the script is that both team starts with 99 score.. then within 5 minutes the side with most kills wins the game! like when i kill someone from the other side, he/she just respawn to a part of the map and then can participate to the battle again.. and then after 5 mins both side gets warped out and whoever has the most kills from either side wins it... also.. i'm using this script where the leader turns into grey and the members into red and i think if you kill the leader you get more points while if you kill the member you only get 1 point.. however i'm getting this kind of error and i can guess 100% that its probably because i'm using 3ceam... ( kindly see the image below/uploaded below ) thank you so much everyone.. i hope you can help me.. thx in advance ... P.S .... Also if possible.. i would like the to add a mapannounce function that if you join the red side... it would tell how many are currently in the waitingroom ex. "Fairy side has ["+ getwaitingroomstate(0) +"/"+ getvariableofnpc( .minplayer2start, "bg_emp#control" ) +"] Users.",0; " or something like that!!