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  1. Just wanna say thanks! Your maps look awesome, cant wait to explore them =)
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'm gonna try it out! Thank you very much.
  3. Hey guys, I tried diffing this with Nemo and a lot of errors have occurred and mostly the recommended ones.
  4. Hi @Tokeiburu do you have an updated one that is compatible with hercules?
  5. Thanks @meko This is what I missed. I did a few test yesterday and logically I should set the maxHP before I can give the mob additional HP lol. script_commands.txt is my bible and if anything is not commented or part of it I would just thought of it is impossible but the support you get from the forums gives that. Thanks!
  6. @meko Yes I do have the most recent Hercules version. For my test server I used rAthena but decided to move to Hercules because of the support it gives for plugins. I did try it however every time I set to increase the HP of a monster it doesn't work. prt_fild08,50,50,4 script IncreaseHP 93,{ mes "I will increase the HP of the monster that I summon"; set .mob = monster("prt_fild08", 50, 50, "CYBORG 123", 1002, 5, "IncreaseHP::On_Summon"); .mob; close(); On_Summon: setunitdata(.mob, UDT_HP, 100000); end; }
  7. Hey guys, I just want to know if we support this script command? I spent 3hrs already working on it to no avail. The getunitdata works fine. I also tried AnnieRuRu's plugin and I guess it's obsolete. If anyone can enlighten me about this I greatly appreciate it.