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  1. The script on the hercules enchan_arm.txt doesn't give text color on armor item. it is always color white. is there a solution for that? help please thanks!
  2. Hello. Is there a pvp script that has simple announcer. Ex. If a player killed another player it will announce on the map "Player1 killed Player2 [x]". where the "x" is the kill streak count. after the player 1 is killed by another player or logging out or going out the map. the kill streak count will reset. Thanks!!
  3. good day! i am looking for stojan upg script. i can't find it anywhere. Thanks!
  4. Hello guys! Please help me about this script that im using. i modified the quest shop of euphy and used as points shop i want to buy multiple items because the current is only able to purchase 1 item per transaction. Thanks!