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  1. Check if your account is group id 99 at login table in your SQL.
  2. Are you sure you are using the same packet version of your client in mmo.h?
  3. You have to add your map in map index list and also rebuild your mapcache. There are some tutorials here around the forum. Follow this guide:
  4. You have to chance the packets in your mmo.h #ifndef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER 20100730 then compile your emulator. You also need to change your clientinfo in your grft to version 27.
  5. You can download it here: http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/
  6. You have to open the file "scripts_custom.conf" and delete the two "//" before the scripts you want to use in your server. Change "//npc/custom/jobmaster.txt" to "npc/custom/jobmaster.txt" Then you reloadscript or restart your server.
  7. Change "fim;" to "end;" I see a lot of errors in this script, I think it won't work. I think you should try to find another one.
  8. Abre com o Bloco de Notas e salva como ASCII.
  9. I think that's why it isn't working. The dev's team keep changing the code all the time and then the plugins become outdated. I use an old revison of hercules, so that's why I am able to use all the plugins I want.
  10. These are BMP images, you can find it in your GRF and translate by editing the picture or you can find a data folder with these files already translated...
  11. Here is working fine. Do you use the last revision of hercules?
  12. Se for os scripts, abre com o bloco de nota e salva como ASCII.
  13. 1 - You have to open the script using the basic Notepad and save the script as ANSI. So you will be able to use other characters. 2 - After changing the lines on the scripts you have to type @reloadscript to reload the changes. 3 - You have to change all "Warper" in the duplicated NPCs to Teletransportador at the end of your script. 4 - If you mean the sprite you can find it in your data.grf. The items are already added in item_db, if you want to add differents items, you can find a bunch of grf downloading privates servers and copying their grf if they are not enncrypted.
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