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  1. Try: - script test FAKE_NPC,{ OnMinute10: if( strcharinfo(PC_MAP) == "amatsu" ){ mes "Hello!"; close; end; } }
  2. You have to chance your character's name in your database in the "char" table. Then your name will be changed in the game.
  3. I think you have to add one by one.
  4. It means you have to change the map for one that exist.
  5. I don't know, I think the plugin was made exactly to this... to enable people to fight on other maps instead of pvp areas.
  6. I tried here again in towns and when the pk state is off they don't atack each other. If you are using the command on pk maps they will still attack each other because of the mapflag pvp.
  7. Here is working fine but I am using an old revision from hercules. Are you using last revision emulator? If yes, Do you have any error when compiling?
  8. So it might be some change from last revision emulator affecting the plugin.
  9. You can't set pvp mapflag on battlegrounds maps.
  10. Caspian

    erro exp

    Voce alterou o max level na client.conf?
  11. Caspian

    Dividir exp

    Na pasta Conf -> common -> inter-server. conf
  12. Caspian

    erro exp

    Se você traduzir isso vai saber exatamente o que está acontecendo. Pra trocar o level tem que trocar nas configurações do emulador.
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