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  1. You just need to add " ; " at the end of line 60. mes "This code can't claim with same ip."; <-
  2. Porque não usa o Hercules? Bem melhor e atualizado, e também tenta mudar sua data e hexed pra ver se melhora e descobrir de onde vem o problema.
  3. That's amazing, I am a big fan of Resident Evil, the old ones! I used to play for several hours Resident Evil 1,2 and 3 for Playstation 1. In my opinion was the best game ever made for the console, but now the game has changed and it is not like the survivor horror it used to be. Loved you work!
  4. É só você mudar a configuração do texto pra ANSI.
  5. Install MSVS as you are using windows, choose a solution in your Hercules folder (Hercules-12.sln, or Hercules-13.sln, or Hercules-15.sln), open it, and build your solution. There is a lot of tutorial out there.
  6. I have one, you can send me a private message if you want!
  7. You don't need to apologize about your english in every topic you make. Most of the people here don't have english as the first tongue, so they don't care if you make a mistake. You can find lots of things here including events if you search in the forum.
  8. Just change "getgmlevel" to '"getgroupid" .
  9. In the printscreen it's written "restock.c". The name should be the same in plugins.conf and in makefile in src\plugins. Check on your plugins.conf and makefile if the name are the same. Because it seems to be written "restock.c" instead of restock as you said you named on both files.
  10. Probably you didn't install it right
  11. Hercules is so amazing and has so many features such as plugins system and suport for newest clients that it would be a shame using another emulator to run our lovely Ragnarok Online!
  12. Did you enable the plugin at conf/plugins.conf?
  13. Go to your data folder > luafiles541> lua files> signboardlist.lub And delete your signboarlist.lub.
  14. Try to download Herc from the repository and follow all the steps again to run your server. If it works (Of course it will) the emulator that you bought is not working properly.
  15. With this bad english no one will understand you. Translating to portuguese: Com esse inglês todo errado fica difícil de te entender. Dica 1: Vou tentar ajudar, vai novamente na sua iteminfo.lua em inglês, e traduza os itens de um por um de acordo com os itens que tu quer adicionar, lembre-se de seguir o padrão de cada linha corretamente, se não vai acontecer isso ai de ficar em branco. Dica 2: Baixe alguns privates e pegue a pasta system deles e vai experimentando qual serve melhor para você, já que muitas estão traduzidas, porém tem que ser compatíveis com os outros arquivos do seu patch e com o hexed, se não, vai ficar aparecendo a maçã "unknown item" em todos seus itens. Se nada disso der certo, eu posso disponibilizar uma pasta system minha quase toda traduzida.