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  1. Hello. I rebuilt mapcache (using mvs plugin guide) so my custom map works fine But in result of this mapcache rebuilding some errors started to pop up: when rebuild - when start server - I also had an error about not having poring_c01/poring_c02 maps (so I downloaded them from some link on the forum). If I delete this pvp-* map entries from map_index and maps.conf I get this error - Where can I download maps needed? Or have I done something wrong here? Using latest kRO data folder + 2015-10-29aRagexeRE + Hercules v2018.12.16 kRO client is up to date but has no files for these maps - only for *-2 ( Thx
  2. So it was a problem with connection collation Set init_connect='SET collation_connection = cp1251_general_ci' init_connect='SET NAMES cp1251' in my.ini Works fine now
  3. Yes, I tried to set "codepage" and/or "default_codepage" to 1251 (or utf8) getting same results as described above. There is no mysql.cfg (only my.ini) that has "default-character-set" and "character-set-server" (but doesn't have "default-collation"). As I red from ru eathena topics - in most cases all should work fine with utf8 and there is no need in 1251. But for me any solution doesn't seem to work. Maybe I'll try to get this to work on unix-based OS someday...
  4. Thx for your reply. For cp1251 case: All tables in db are in cp1251_general_ci: "Name" field of char table is in cp1251_general_ci too: Error on char creation: sql-connection.conf: (leaving codepage rows commented does not change anything) For utf8 case (dbs are simmilar to the screenshots above but instead of cp1251_general_ci it has utf8_general_ci all the way) there is no errors if I don't set codepage in .conf (but weird char names in db). If I set default_codepage / codepage to utf8 in sql_connection.conf (while using utf8 encoded db) it gives me different error: I have found some old eathena-related posts where people suggest to use some ea src mod to fix this error, but all links are broken. Others thought this might be an phpmyadmin/my.ini problem on Windows OS. Maybe it's sort of RO client .exe issue?
  5. I try to get cyrillic symbols to work on my server. So I edited name_letters (char-server.conf), <langtype>14</langtype> (clientinfo.xml) and encoded npcs .txt to ANSI. Chat, char names and npc messages works fine that way. The problem is when I create characters with cyrillic symbols in their names: it shows in DB in unproper way - like it's using wrong encoding (if I use ut8_general_ci encoding for db). If I use cp1251_general_ci I get an error (illegal mix of colations cp1251_general_ci IMPLICIT and latin_swedish_ci COERCIBLE) on char creation. Tried to change default_codepage / codepage in sql_connection.conf - same result.