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  1. I've created a couple of servers before, but all I did was download premade stuff created by the community contributors and just edit some stuff using softwares created by contributors. I want to learn stuffs such as how to block bots and such but what sort of knowledge should I learn in order to achieve that?
  2. I don't really see why you have to add the property. in_process Since you turn it back to false in the same execution context/if block. Thanks btw!
  3. I've been having problems trying to find a working Ragexe with the compatible data fodler. Any step by step guides out there?
  4. Dasgir. You are the man! Thanks!
  5. I'm not sad at all. Philippine Ragnarok Online used to be great during its first 2-3 years. Right after that, bots have became a huge problem and the management of this game didn't do shit about it up until now since all they care about is to gain profit. The side effect of this is that players started to leave one by one until it's became a handful after another handful of leavers due to the fact that they realize that the game is not fun to play anymore since they often see bots rather than actual players using their virtual characters. It's good that they've closed it already. Kim Hakkyu created a beautiful game, and the ones who replaced him messed it up by doing nothing about the botting problem. Also, the addition of renewal classes, which is not what the creator had in mind really divided the community. That is why we have pre-renewal and renewal servers. It's about time they stopped the suffering of this creation. Byebye pRO, it was really fun.
  6. 500++ for 2 days ata. I gained more than 300 likes just by paying 500 pesos.
  7. In groups.conf, what's the name for @storage? I have been looking for it. Is it just 'storage'?
  8. Same problem here. :/
  9. Okay. Thanks, how about the level requirement restriction?
  10. How do I do it? So that players can engage in battle inside PVP maps. Also, how to make it so that guild mates can attack one another?
  11. I am looking for a staff who is almost always available that can script and set up his own Hercules local server. Also, someone who can also support me in game by keeping the players accompanied. Requirements: - Must know how to script. - Must have Skype. - Must be efficient in speaking the English language. - Someone who is willing to help. Server Information: Server name: Remember Ragnarok Online Private Server Rates/Level: Pre-renewal 99/70 server 5x/5x/1x Website: PM me your Skype ID if you are interested.
  12. It seems this script still has many issues. Will wait for update. Is it alright to use now?
  13. I'm thinking of a script that does this and I have been searching. I couldn't find one! Anyone has a script that has the same concept?
  14. After all the headache I went through installing the old Thor Patcher, you suddenly release this?! Will try this one out. Hopefully this will be much easier to use.