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  1. @meko, @4144 Thanks for the answer, gentlemen, I was really unaware of the server delay due to these tables, as I am not the author and the script is also very old. What is the best way to give 100 points to those who destroyed the crowd and 50 points to those who survived the event? kindly. #Edit ... It is very complex for me. Changing your mind, is it possible instead of adding points, add item? for example: Whoever destroys the mob will win 100 PoringCoin (7539) And the rest of the clan will win 50? how do i do that please?
  2. Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I'm having problems with a script, and I tried to solve it anyway, seeing that my experience in scripts is very amateur, I come through this to ask you for help. please, of course. This script has to give 100 points only to those who destroy the chest. And 50 points for the rest of the guild. For those who destroyed the chest, he gives points without problems, but for the rest of the guild he is not giving it, and I am receiving this error. Script: Table: thank you all.
  3. thank you mr. @Kenpachi @topic solved
  4. capWinters


    Hey, community! All right? Can someone help me? I want to add a mapannounce 3 seconds before starting the race. A countdown. For example: mapannounce "turbo_n_1","3...",bc_yellow|bc_all; sleep 1000; mapannounce "turbo_n_1","2...",bc_yellow|bc_all; sleep 1000; mapannounce "turbo_n_1","1...",bc_yellow|bc_all; sleep 1000; But when I add mapannounce before the OnClock1055: set $CMisopen, 0; announce "[Crazy Race]: The race has started!",bc_yellow|bc_all; end; The event starts at mapannounce "3 ...". And not after "[Crazy Race]: The race has started!" That is, it is possible to burn the start. Where did I go wrong? And how can I fix this? Thank you very much. Script:
  5. Boa tarde! Estou migrando do brA e gostaria de saber onde eu posso encontrar download de npcs traduzidos, taís como ''DevilSquare'', " sortudo" entre outros.
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