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  1. 2020-09-02bRagexeRE working fine, re-check your setting onemore.
  2. Main Zero kRO https://mega.nz/#!HhMz1QrI!VKfHO1d0dDVa-6Tne2emin7UM6O-DIGEwF1JCrF7Ec0 Client for test https://mega.nz/#!R4sCVQSI!OVA8bmfPGftuKM94Kr1PataAAeR8mVCNNY_JR7nIHOg Another version of Binaries http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/
  3. HI Bro, you can fix this by adding in db/sc_config.conf SC_KSPROTECTED: { Flags: { NoClearanceReset: true Buff: true } Icon: "SI_ANGEL_PROTECT" }
  4. Open it with Notepad++ see encoding is ANSI or not, if not you can use menu Encoding -> Convert to ANSI (Only Eng can use UTF8). Make sure in your (s)clientinfo.xml setting in true lang <langtype>XXX</langtype> Pinoy can set to 7 (can see in https://rathena.org/board/topic/120145-2018-09-19aregexe-problem/#comment-366930) Server Status you can edit at line 3262 - 3265
  5. You need to upgrades SQL, seen file in Hercules\sql-files\upgrades\2020-01-24--01-09.sql
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