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  1. Excuse me, are you mean this?
  2. HI Bro, you can fix this by adding in db/sc_config.conf SC_KSPROTECTED: { Flags: { NoClearanceReset: true Buff: true } Icon: "SI_ANGEL_PROTECT" }
  3. Open it with Notepad++ see encoding is ANSI or not, if not you can use menu Encoding -> Convert to ANSI (Only Eng can use UTF8). Make sure in your (s)clientinfo.xml setting in true lang <langtype>XXX</langtype> Pinoy can set to 7 (can see in https://rathena.org/board/topic/120145-2018-09-19aregexe-problem/#comment-366930) Server Status you can edit at line 3262 - 3265
  4. data -> msgstringtable.txt at row 3458 replaced with only #
  5. You need to upgrades SQL, seen file in Hercules\sql-files\upgrades\2020-01-24--01-09.sql
  6. You can use NEMO to skip these error.
  7. you can edit some skill in skill_db.conf
  8. This is initial release not complete yet and i'm not continue for it. Sorry Bro.
  9. In crashlog him tell your problem in login screen. you can search login screen fix for 2018-06-20 and 2018-06-21 by google.
  10. if you need to testing can see my pr https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/2609
  11. Issue with file data\luafiles514\lua files\datainfo\tb_layer_priority.lub
  12. This is Bard skills if you need to enable this can add in skill tree like this BA_WHISTLE: { MaxLevel: 10 DC_UGLYDANCE: 3 } BA_ASSASSINCROSS: { MaxLevel: 10 DC_UGLYDANCE: 3 } BA_POEMBRAGI: { MaxLevel: 10 DC_UGLYDANCE: 3 } BA_APPLEIDUN: { MaxLevel: 10 DC_UGLYDANCE: 3 }
  13. Are need to add all mobs by yourself mob data : db/(pre)re/mob_db.conf in map data: npc\(pre)re\mobs\dungeons and Illusion Of Turtle Island they are new map version you need to use 2019 client upper or convert are map back to old version
  14. map-server.exe --load-plugin mapcache --map XXXXX In conf/plugins.conf need to enable "HPMHooking" and "mapcache" after generate mapcache you need to disable it back coz if enable "mapcache" you can't run map-server
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