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    X-EcutiOnner got a reaction from brunosc in SimpleROHook for 2002 to 2020+ clients   
    Hello Guys.
    I'm take a break time from Nemo to develop old tool, and now release it.
    I hope it can help someone to playing fun again... 
    What's SimpleROHook?
    SimpleROHook commentary
    When executed, it resides in the task tray, and when RO starts, the function is built into the client. You can control the function from the tray icon. Save config.xml in the directory where the executable file exists. It does not use the registry. Load the M2E color coordination from config.ini.
    The Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile is now required due to the C # conversion of the API hook host app.
    Download the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (Web installer) from the Microsoft Official Download Center
    The VC ++ 2010 runtime library is required to run SimpleROHook.
    Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update
    You can open the menu by right-clicking on the taskbar icon of the Windows application. You can turn each setting on and off, so let's play with it appropriately.
    FreeMouse (on boot)
    You can turn the function of the free mouse on and off.
    Show M2E It's a well-
    known thing.
    Unlike RCX, it does not read packets and processes only with RO memory information. Therefore, there is no nifty production like RCX.
    Show Object Information Information
    implemented by the tutorial function of SimpleROHook code. You can see it by looking at it.
    Show Fps Shows the
    frame rate. The value displayed on the right side is approximately n / 60, which is the value of the internal load in one frame that is reduced when using Fix WindowMode VSyncWait.
    Fix WindowMode VSync
    Wait Optimization of VSync Wait in Window mode with new technology.
    This technology is effective for DirectX7 and earlier software, and frees CPU resources to the OS as much as possible during vertical synchronization detection. In an environment where there is not enough processing, the frame rate will drop, but in an environment with excess power, the RO load will be significantly reduced.
    * In VSync standby in Window mode, hardware interrupts cannot be used and the CPU rotates at full speed. Thanks to this specification, no matter how early the CPU finishes in-game processing, the CPU will do its best to monitor the hardware until the remaining VBlanking occurs, and as a result it will occupy CPU resources during the game. .. This technique is to avoid this.
    44kHz Audio Mode To
    initialize DirectSound in Ragnarok Online, improve sound rate, and improve sound quality | This technology was introduced at Planetleaf.com Lab .
    Doubles the internal sound rate of RO and plays it at 44kHz.
    PlayMusic on ClientStreamPlayer
    RO's internal stream player has the ability to change and play any file at any time. Simply click on a file to switch songs in the sound player inside the RO. Loops also work because of the internal background music player. A customized file selection window acts as a jukebox. mp3 and wav can be played, but since the library is old, only the files that were playable at that time can be played.
    CPU Cooler
    A CPU cler equivalent to RCX. It is most effective at Level 3.
    Combined with the Fix WindowMode VSync Wait feature described above, the load on the OS can be reduced to the utmost limit.
    Free Mouse
    Allows the mouse to move out of the window in window mode. The moving speed of the cursor is left to the OS.

    This is a demo of the technology to acquire packetLenMap by clients in the east and west, which I wrote in the article of Packet Length Output Lab. Output the data to Tiny Console.
    Original Repository by @sekishi1259
    Last update 2018 Repository by @drdxxy
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    X-EcutiOnner got a reaction from evilpuncker in How to use the name change system?   
    How to use
    1. @item 12790 (Name Change Coupon)
    2. Double click to using it item
    3. Return to Char select screen
    4. Right click at who you need to rename

    5. Input the new name you need

    6. Click OK
    7. Done
    PS. How to use Change Char Slot it same
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    X-EcutiOnner got a reaction from AnnieRuru in I want to show slot item on my windows equipment.   
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    X-EcutiOnner got a reaction from evilpuncker in VENDING DESCRIPTION   
    You can do this by Hex Editor.

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    X-EcutiOnner got a reaction from Kuroyama in VENDING DESCRIPTION   
    You can do this by Hex Editor.

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    X-EcutiOnner got a reaction from AnnieRuru in VENDING DESCRIPTION   
    You can do this by Hex Editor.

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