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  1. ok, I had seen the question of the bonuses quoted, but I would like it to be temporary, and using these bonuses, I would need to add to the script in a garment and / or shoes item. would you have any changes you could suggest? my intention at this time would be to create two consumable items "Chemical Protection Shoes Scroll" and "Chemical Protection Garment Scroll" because we originally only have Chemical Armor / Helm / Shield / Weapon. I thank the attention.
  2. Personally, I'm having problems solving a discomfort on my server, as we know FCP Creator does not protect Shoes and Garment, I would like to find some way to do this, I thought of two situations: 1 - Create a SC_START Custom so that upon receiving the break_equip (EQP_SHOES / EQP_GARMENT), it identifies that it is protected and does not let it break the equipment in question. 1.1 - I started by the following, I rescued an SC_ That is not used on my server (for testing) for example: SC_SPELLBOOK1, in the file "skill.c", I searched for the "skill_break_equip" function and made some modifications: IN: const int where_list [4] = {EQP_WEAPON, EQP_ARMOR, EQP_SHIELD, EQP_HELM}; FOR: const int where_list [5] = {EQP_WEAPON, EQP_ARMOR, EQP_SHIELD, EQP_HELM, EQP_SHOES}; and inside the if (sd) {, Add: if (where & EQP_SHOES) { if (sc-> data [SC_SPELLBOOK1]) return 0; } Although these modifications do not return me compilation failure, the expected effect was not achieved, the equipment still continues to break. 2 - Create a Custom Skill for the Creator Class that performs this same process as it does with EQP_WEAPON, EQP_HELM, EQP_SHIELD, EQP_ARMOR. 2.1 - This one did not change, it's just an idea.
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