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  1. PROMOTION PACKAGE 1 1x Login Screen 5x Loading Screens 1x Facebook Display Picture 1x Facebook Display Cover 3x Advertising Banner 1x Screenshot Logo PRICE: $25 $5 will go to Hercules Community Maximum of 3 Clients only (1/3)
  2. Why don't you just download the old KRO to get the sprites again?
  3. Cydd

    rAthena to Hercules

    So, I will make this script for you using Hercules?
  4. Thank you. @Ridley
  5. Hi, I'm from rAthena Community, I would like to convert here. Zup!!! Cheers ❤️
  6. CYDD GRAPHIC SERVICES Hi, I'm Cydd. I'm offering a Graphic Services in Hercules Community to your Ragnarok Online. SERVICES: Logo Facebook Display Picture Facebook Background Picture Login Screens Loading Screens Advertising Banner Screenshot Logo Patcher Designs (Not Coded) POLICY: Half payments are accepted ( 50% ) You will received your designs in just maximum of 5 hours works. MODE OF PAYMENTS: PayPal GCash Cebuana Lhullier Palawan Express Western Union Advertising Banner: Facebook Display Picture:
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