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  1. The Exp numbers are not displayed. PRIu64 is displayed instead.
  2. Hey, I'm setting up a renewal classic server. How can I put the character hit & flee back on pre-renewal? I also find in renewal, the monk skill "Investigate" and the item "Ice Pick" is too weak. Investigate does the same damage almost everywhere, no matter if monsters have high def or use a weapon with ele/race/size cards. How can you increase the damage of Investigate and Ice Pick so that it is useful like in pre-renewal for high def monster. I found this, but not much of the damage happens when I put the formula back on pre-renewal... #ifdef RENEWAL /** * RE DEF Reduction * Pierce defense gains 1 atk per def/2 **/ if( def1 < -399 ) // it stops at -399 def1 = 399; // in aegis it set to 1 but in our case it may lead to exploitation so limit it to 399 //return 1; if( flag&2 ) damage += def1 >> 1; if( !(flag&1) && !(flag&2) ) { if( flag&4 ) damage -= (def1 + vit_def); else damage = (int)((100.0f - def1 / (def1 + 400.0f) * 90.0f) / 100.0f * damage - vit_def); } #else if( def1 > 100 ) def1 = 100; if( !(flag&1) ){ if( flag&2 ) damage = damage * pdef * (def1+vit_def) / 100; else damage = damage * (100-def1) / 100; } if( !(flag&1 || flag&2) ) damage -= vit_def; #endif
  3. If I am correct, the 2019-06-26bRagexeRE is the first Client who support this feature. Would be awesome if it useable in older clients, since the most Clients have to less stuff what is useable, like more hairstyles, space in guildnames and and and
  4. Did you talk About this here? I think I've the same problem.
  5. At the moment I have it running via a script. This is not about an event where monsters are to be killed once. It is about a real spawn. So the monsters have to spawn again after the kill. Like I said, it all works so far, but i don't want to run every map through a script. it should go over the normal monster spawn .txt, which are listed under "npc/re/mobs/fields/".
  6. Hey, everybody, is there any way to use 2 different mobspawn.txt for the same map? For example, 0 am to 12 am Porings spawn on the map and 12am to 12pm disappear the Porings and Familiars spawns. The script calls prontera_day.txt and prontera_night.txt. At the moment I run monsters on the specific maps with an onEvent that spawns and changes at the desired time. But it would be much easier if could run it over the .txt. (npc/re/mobs/fields/prontera) Hope you understand what I meant. 😕
  7. Hmm.. Looks like it's a problem from hercules. All items with more as one itemskill not working, like Angelus Scroll what contains itemskill(AL_BLESSING, 5, ISF_INSTANTCAST | ISF_CASTONSELF); itemskill(AL_ANGELUS, 5);
  9. Can someone please tell me the changes I need to make so you can have 2 children as parents?
  10. I know, but they're all Right (original). For the 2018 clients or older, the Bragi skill effect etc. is normal, but from the 2019 clients on, all Bard & Dancer skill effects are different, as shown in the Pictures, so it must be set in the Ragexe somehow or whatever the reason may be.
  11. How can I find out the skill ID's or effects that are client-side? I have the problem that the 2019 clients have "wrong" skill effects for bard and dancer and I would like to undo this without using an older client version. I thought at first that was a source error. Here's the topic. hte Can anyone help me out?
  12. Okay... It looks like all 2019 clients have different skill effects for Bard / Dancer, maybe they got different Skill_IDs. Does anyone know how to find out?
  13. Hmm. Maybe it's my Ragexe. I'll try another version 😕 Thanks for your answer.
  14. Maybe I am wrong, but I think you are missing the sprites that are responsible for attacking. Download SPR Conview and check out the sprites. With actOR you can adjust/change the sprites if necessary. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=download_tool Hope this helps. Otherwise, contact Haziel He is very friendly and trustworthy.
  15. I am using Zackdreavers translations from his Github. Choose whether Pre or Renewal. https://github.com/zackdreaver
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