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  1. @AnnieRuru, thank you very much. You saved my life. Works perfect, even with buffs.
  2. Thanks for the answers. It should come when a World Boss spawn, a server message with Sound (for all players) The script starts with a timer and not by a player. Would you have a solution?
  3. Hey there, Is there a way to attach players in hercules? (I know addrid(0) is only in rathena available) I need this for some scripts like this here: OnBossSpawn: announce "Worldboss Ogre King spawned.",bc_all; soundeffectall ("se_earth_quake.wav",0);
  5. @astralprojection I've test it. It has no Problems to open a shop and using @at.
  6. If I relog, the aura disappears. How can I solve this? I've no errors or something. Edit: Solved, Dunno why sorry :/
  7. Is it possible, once you join a guild, that all characters at the same account are in the guild, as in Guild Wars or Black Desert? If yes how? xD