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  1. maybe a lub for it make something up but i think youd have to have 2 versions of it, swap the view id 😕
  2. probably didnt set the client version in mmo.h properly
  3. Yeah I know what your saying if you look at any instance like rune knight its ignition break and thousand spear ( obviously 1 when your surrounded and the other when your soloing ) Thats the way mobas are doing it, but the existing skills would definitly need buffs to complement cooldowns... but then you would still see people mobing high orcs and just spamming their best skill either way rough lief personally I like using the same skills but in another way... for example lghtning whip from Archeage is my absolute favorite spell cant even find a good clip of it c
  4. I mean painting the floor 1 color and the walls another is easy ( removing models too ) but your probably looking for a bit of detail... like outlines and stuff I wouldnt be able to tell you without making one, if you have a map in mind and some colors youd like... maybe even a video of a map you liked id be happy to whip one up I made this map years ago if you like it... the background is custom though wouldnt be possible to add that
  5. try replacing all the used textures with a blank color the process is simple but its still alot of work 1) Open the desired map in a Hex Editor ( rsm for model and gnd for floor stuff ) 2) Look through every entry and then jump to your grf editor and change them all to your simplified texture 3)be sure to remove unwanted models and stuff Like I said its gonna cost you a bit to get a good working version that doesnt effect your entire game
  6. If you got a map in mind I could take a look but itd probably be a bit expensive
  7. the only person i know who plays with that is @Functor
  8. I heard theres no easy way to do it and you gotta go through it all yourself Might be easier to know what your looking
  9. If your adding to the proper config then your problem is the size of your grf id ask @Ciar for specifics
  10. Start your new skill at 1600 you have hundreds of free slots your just playing in the no no area btw your gonna have issues simply writing case NEW_SKILL; at the bottom of your skill.h gonna have to write it like this case NEW_SKILL = 1600;
  11. isnt that the dress room if you cant access it with a script command it might have a better chance on rathena\
  12. well its intended for local/private/testing and not for a real server just ask someone to hook it up for you
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