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  1. is there any possibility of making the event work alone from time to time example: every 3 hours. if possible I would like to add a rule that removes the players after the event appreciate your attention! Tanks cacatesouro.txt
  2. I'm sorry man, tanks a lot again!! i'm not find a Cash Manager funtional in there, but the events are cool!! you're god!
  3. Forgive my english, i'm so sorry! If someone has a npc cash manager to share please! I looked for several here on the site, but always missing something like a table or some basic functions like adding cash to player. I need some npc events to add to my server too, if you have some cool events to share or tip, I'm very grateful!!! I'm sorry but I'm new and I do not understand anything If you know where to find it or have some cool ones to share, help me!
  4. Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm new to it. is there any way I can put this event through time?
  5. Man , you're fuc**** awesome!!! thanks a lot!! it work's perfectly. thank you In case you need anything, if I can help, I'm here.
  6. I would like to apologize for the English, i need a NPC PVP Without Donates or custon FUNTIONAL please. I'm looking for almost 2 weeks, and I can not find one that removes the items from the character. I'm posting here what I currently use, it blocks the entry of the player with the item, I would like one to let the player enter, but unequipped the item. I already created a map_flag zone, but it removes the statuses of the items, but does not remove them from the player. I'll post my npc here, if anyone knows how to arrange it. (please help !! ) If someone has a functional that removes the item, please share if it is not asking too much. I thank you all and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. pvpsala.txt
  7. Tank you all guys, thank you very much !! it works perfect you guys are awesome, i just change "getgmlevel" to '"getgroupid" prontera,156,196,5 script Porteiro VIP 965,{ if (getgroupid() < $levelvip){ mes $namenpc$; thanks @Dangerous @Luciar
  8. i dont know how to use this forum, i'm apologize for my english and if i making something wrong!! i need help with this script after i set the account to vip, the player can't get in the vip room!! even having all the vip commands and the group_id in sql is set to 1 ( group vip in my server) (it was tested reloaded account) please someone help and again, so sorry for my english tks you all sistema_vip.txt
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