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  1. Hello. I am looking for a dev that can install my server to Android phones/devices. Please message me here or reply.
  2. Ohhhhh. I didnt know that. I was looking for docs about skilldb but couldn't find it so I assume it is like that since rAthena has their own db for skills allowed to be copied. As for your question about which skills... I want to disable Waterball from being copied and maybe enable Acid Demonstration to be copied. How do I do this?
  3. Hi guys I tried changeing AllowReproduce: true to AllowReproduce: false on skills that I didn't want to be copied and reloadskilldb but it still can be copied by rogue class. I made sure that I am using the correct file (pre-re) and even changed the skill's cooldown and it took effect. However, even after changing it to false or completely removing that line, it still doesn't work. Anyone can help with this?
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