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  1. EDIT: I am a big idiot, i figured it out, In the login table of the database, i changed the s1, p1 (the very first account) to the one in the conf files that i changed. that error is no longer in the console, everything should work but I can't login inside the client. it gives "Failed to connect to the server" and login-server.bat console gives "connection to account 'hercules' accepted'' but then it says 'closed connection from" i use phpmyadmin i made sure to change all the conf files to and removed the comment // too (didn't do it to the bind_ip one though) changed the s1 and p1 to something else, specifically to the username and password of the account i created using the SQL command ' CREATE USER 'hercules'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password'; ' the s1/p1 thing and the ragnarok thing, changed them all to the account i created using the SQL command (these changes were made to map-server/char-server/inter-server/login-server, etc) furthermore I have granted ALL privileges to the account. please help! I don't know what to do, I did build Solution of Hercules-15.sln in case you were wondering. It succeeded with building, 7 succeeded and zero errors made a database and added all the .sql files in the sql-files folder (3rd and 4th attachments) I don't know what to do. I restarted the laptop as well, multiple times. The server (Openserver, that's what i am using) is up and running and online.