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  1. Hello Everyone, so i was wondering if anyone here is willed/able to help me and a friend with a project we wanna start working on. As many of you probably kow, a chinese company released the open beta for a Ragnarok Online for mobile. This is sadly in chinese, and the client is encrypted. I was wondering if anyone want's to help us / is able to help us, encrypting the client, that we can translate at least the UI and so on into English. Kind regards Tepoo
  2. as a customer of Functor i can tell you the following: i found this guy when i read about a plugin which is similar to RCX but directly implemented in the client. i contacted him and he was very friendly. we had a talk about these features and he told me the price and how he can get paid. i didnt had any of these payment system, so he tryed together with me to find a solution for it. in that moment it was a friend of him who was going to visit him from my country to his one. i was sending her the money and she took it over to him directly. it was risky but i gave it a chance. he wrote me some days later that he got the money and i got all the files requested. it worked OOB, it work it pretty clean and stable. after some time with an hercules update i made the system was going to be buggy. i wrote him about it and he helped me within 3hours to fix the issue after 1 1/2 year i had again problems, i contacted him again and he was again responding within some hours, and even provided a fix for it within 1hour after the first reply. currently i am planing to also go for GepardShield with my Team for an upcoming project. the reason for this is that i have seen his excelent work on the client plugins, i have no doubts that this Anti-Cheat is extremely safe. Kind regards Tepoo
  3. I was in bad mood and sorry if I was a bit aggresive But what I meant is that changes like this are totally invisible for players and you have to understand that players' community of Ragnarok Online is decreasing years by years. Today it reached its worse point ever. Hercules is actually the best emulator for stability and exactness with official content : I work on hercules everyday and I thank dev every single day for the cleanliness of source code. NOW, official content takes very long time to come and you probably will understand that Ragnarok is nothing without players, thus hercules too. And I care most about Ragnarok pServ/Hercules' community than using constants instead of integers. That's all I wanted to say just before. sorry but the population is not decreasing because people improve a opensource project or not. the population is decreasing because the whole scene became toxic. every kid wants money for their work today, they want to get payed for every small shit bit. the community does not care for quality. they prefer to go to a 1.1k populated server who crashs everyday and which is money making oriented with a damn bad quality, instead of joining a server where they offer nearly everything for free and where the admins knows how to fix bugs to keep a full server alive without crashes. this community don't die because of the devs of Hercules or RAthena, it dies because of the stupid greedy admins who open one server after the other to make money and milk the people. flame them, not Haru and the others. Topic related: Nice changes, took me quiet some while to merge to the newest level, but was worth it.
  4. Tepoo

    Tree of Savior

    If you are going to create a emulator for this game you will kill it. Ragnarok had a solid stand when the first emulator appeared. The Fanbase was huge and the most players played on the official servers. so the company was able to develop the game further without the worry about the emulators If you are going now to create an emulator when the game is not even ready to go, you will kill it before it even was able to grow up. If you like this game, think about your actions and give this game a chance to grow up, before you want to suck out the money of dumb people with it. personally i would fucking appreciate it if the company finds a way to bring all private server hosters for tos infront of a court. this game has a fucking high potential to become the next Ragnarok Online. But not if assholes here arround wanna create an emulator even before the game got a solid stand on the market.
  5. i tryed it by myself, and i had a stable server, with a nice client based on 2014 clients with all features. arround 100players left the server because i fixed bugs and exploits they where not able to abuse anymore. seeing those behaviors is damn sad.
  6. Yommy is totaly right. people dont want stability, professionality or anything. they want to complain, abuse bugs to get advantages, and some of them wants pay to win to be the best on the server without doing something. use your time for other stuff and dont waste it with putting effort in a good server. because this time is wasted.
  7. it works but with many bugs. and i already surrendered for the hope that this will be finished this year.
  8. xeNium he removed harmony from the list as it violates the board rules. he didnt removed it as a sign of internalguard is better. both can be bypassed atm and only protects against like 80% of the cheaters. the only advantage of internalguard is that the dev of internalguard is still working on internalguard and trys to improve it permanently.
  9. Hello, a player of my server reported that he is stuck in the old morocc, i removed this map and replaced it with the old repaired version as i am running a episode 9 server. i removed or replaced all npc entrys which are related to savepoint or warp from the script where morocc was set as the value. not a user wrote me that he is stucking in morocc and i first tought "okay seems i missed a npc". i checked the savepoint values and rechecked all scripts but nowhere i find this value. he got savepointed to morocc 100 100, which is (for me i think) a very strange value. can somebody tell me where else those values can appear? he said he maid the assassin quest and died on a sandman when he left the building. i dont see any strange acting of the player, so i find find a solution for this. if someone knows what caused this, i would appreciate some informations :-) Greetings Tepoo
  10. is it possible to revert the char creation to the old state? i have the version where you cant choose the stats anymore. now im asking myself if this can be rollbacked to the old state. Greetings Tepoo
  11. did you also tested it with bragi and so on? as there are many things who reduce the cooldown and after cast delay. also the sourcecode can be optimized, i will talk to you in 3 days when im back home :-) Greetings Tepoo
  12. much todo on this source. its a nice start, but the system blocks normal players. as the delay of some skillz get increased or decreased by there level.
  13. Tepoo

    Instance System

    im sorry, i have to disagree, for me personaly the instancing system of hercules is more improved then the one from rathena. there should be some updates yes, but rathena is way behind us, why should we check something which is 2002 when we are 2008 ^^
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