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  1. you dont really need any converter or anything as long you have that item in your iteminfo.lua and you have a notepad , let's take an example , item 19156 .. as in lunar rainbow , its an upper headgear right ? so just duplicate one of your existing upper headgear in your item_db , then change the Id , AegisName , Name and ViewSprite to lunar rainbow's (make sure there's no duplicate of another lunar rainbow in your item_db) for the item bonus script like +mdef etc , you can just copy the script from here , https://www.infinityro.it/item/view/?id=19156 or make your own item bonuses with item_bonus.md as your guide . please take a note that hercules aint using some of "class" bonus for some reason , so , adding class bonus damage atk+1% as "bonus2 bAddClass, Class_All,1" wont work if you want to add atk+1% , use "bonus2 bAddRace, RC_All,1" , for matk+1% , you can use "bonus2 bMagicAddRace, RC_All,1"
  2. i dont really get what you're trying to do , EDP doesnt even add exact 100% damage on level 1 , anyway , changing anything about buff / debuff mostly is on status.c #ifdef RENEWAL_EDP val2 = ((val1 + 1) / 2 + 2); #else val2 = val1 + 2; #endif val3 = 50 * (val1 + 1); if you want to halven the EDP damage , just change the val3 value , or just add /2 in the end of the val3 formula
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