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  1. Reick

    Updating item_db

    Hi Cherry, About duplicate an existing gear.. im doing this, i have the item_db from rathena so i get this line there 19156,Lunar_Rainbow,Lunar Rainbow,4,20,,200,,10,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,256,,80,1,704,{ bonus bAgi,3; bonus bMdef,10; bonus bMatk,(10*getrefine()); },{},{} so i use haru converter to convert to this { Id: 19156 AegisName: "Lunar_Rainbow" Name: "Lunar Rainbow" Type: 4 Buy: 20 Weight: 200 Def: 10 Slots: 1 Upper: 63 Loc: 256 EquipLv: 80 View: 704 Script: <" bonus bAgi,3; bonus bMdef,10; bonus bMatk,(10*getrefine()); "> }, just copy and paste and its easier about class, this was the errors that i mentioned on my last post
  2. hi, you probably missed step 2d and 2e, you have to compile double click on hercules-16.sln if you are using visual studio 2019 then click build solution
  3. Reick

    Updating item_db

    got it here im using haru converter to add them into item_db.conf getting some erros but its ok, im learning how to solve them. Thank you.
  4. Reick

    Updating item_db

    And how do i add them in item_db.conf? Just edit with notepad++? Ill try it when i get home.
  5. Reick

    Updating item_db

    i checked the iteminfo.lua and all those items are there, so i diffed and changed to iteminfo.lua on the pop up but still fail when i use @item. those ids doesnt exist on item_db.conf, i think the iteminfo isnt the only problem
  6. Hi guys, trying to configure my first server its a test server just for me to test some builds and stuffs im not used with emulator, so im getting stucked often i got the server working but im having some problems i followed a guide here from the forum but there is a lot of items missing id 19156, 28502, 28513, 2980 this is just some of them there is a lot more and all of them exist on kRO, iRO, jRO Well, i dont want anybody give me all the things done, im just asking for some guidance or tips or anything to help me to solve this. I dont mide if the item description isnt in english just need them on serve to test some builds. Really appreciate some help, thank you.
  7. Same thing here, im starting to config my first server and item_db isnt up to date with kRO.
  8. Hi, im having some problem to use @item. There is some items that already exist in kro that i cant create on my server, ill put here the ids. 19156 / 28502 / 15254 / 28744 someone could help me on what i have to do? how can i update the item_db or something like that? Thank you @edit: sorry for double post, i thought my previous post was deleted cause i wasnt seen it, think it was a bug.
  9. Hi @anacondaq, the server is working here, all good but one thing i noticed is that there is some items missing. For example: its just only two but there is more item on the list Could you please tell why dont have those items on item_db since the emulator is using kro? by the way i just want a offline server to test builds.
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