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  1. @meko But have a way to get the AegisName of the item? My script gets a name of an item to appoint to another item. I used the "getequipname()", that returns the "name" field, not the AegisName. With this name, I need get the ID of this item. [email protected]$ = getequipname(EQI_HAND_R)+"_item"; [email protected]_id = [email protected]$; Alread tried before with "delitem" (delitem (getequipname(EQI_HAND_R)+"_item"), 1;) works, but I saw that isn't recommended. And I need to use with others commands too. I will test some tricks here, you gave me an idea of how I can do it. The "name" field can have "_" character without problem? And same name of AegisName? Doing this, I think I can solve, but I don't know if will have some problem. Is for a custom item. @Edit I need a solution that fit this kind of case: //Database modifications: //A equipped weapon called "Red Potion" in field "name" //In potion, ID 501, change the field "name" from "Red Potion" to "Red Potion_item" [email protected]$ = getequipname(EQI_HAND_R)+"_item"; [email protected]_id = ~magic_code~; if ([email protected]_id == 501) mes "Code works."; close; //But, this code works (with same database modifications): delitem (getequipname(EQI_HAND_R)+"_item"),1; close; But not only this case, that I can compare ([email protected]$ == wanted_name) instead. I need the ID number.
  2. I have a string var with the item name stored (a Jellopy, for example). How I get the ID of the Jellopy by their name? I need do this in this way, because the name that I get is dynamic, based on a long list of items. I want something like "getitemname(<item id>)", but more like "getitemid(<item name>)", or a way to get it, without using "searchitem(<array name>, "<item name>")".
  3. Alread solved, can delete this topic.
  4. Nice out-of-box suggestion, this gave me a lot of cool ideas
  5. Hi, I need write this kind of script: setarray .arrayAn[1], 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; setarray .arrayA$[1], "a", "b", "c", "d", "e"; setarray .arrayBn[1], 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11; setarray .arrayB$[1], "f", "g", "h", "i", "j", "k"; setarray .arrayCn[1], 12, 13, 14, 15; setarray .arrayC$[1], "l", "m", "n", "o"; [email protected] = rand(1,getarraysize(.arrayAn)); .resultn[1] = arrayAn[[email protected]]; .result$[1] = arrayA$[[email protected]]; [email protected] = rand(1,getarraysize(.arrayBn)); .resultn[2] = arrayBn[[email protected]]; .result$[2] = arrayB$[[email protected]]; [email protected] = rand(1,getarraysize(.arrayCn)); .resultn[3] = arrayCn[[email protected]]; .result$[3] = arrayC$[[email protected]]; Have any way to use matrix or other solution, doing something like this: setarray .arrayn[1][1], 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; setarray .array$[1][1], "a", "b", "c", "d", "e"; setarray .arrayn[2][1], 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11; setarray .array$[2][1], "f", "g", "h", "i", "j", "k"; setarray .arrayn[3][1], 12, 13, 14, 15; setarray .array$[3][1], "l", "m", "n", "o"; for ([email protected] = 1; [email protected] <= 3; [email protected]) { [email protected] = rand(1,getarraysize(.arrayn[[email protected]])); .resultn[[email protected]] = arrayn[[email protected]][[email protected]]; .result$[[email protected]] = array$[[email protected]][[email protected]]; } This is a script with testing values that I'm using to find a solution, my original script will needs 100 loops in this case (and will only use integers, for IDs and numbers, in non logical or consecutive order), and without matrix is really unfair. Have another option that help me?
  6. In the NPC files, I saw an auction script, and search on the web how this system works. If is possible, this can be done there, because only one player can get the item, and the time left to end an item can refresh the auction's offers.
  7. Hi, I need a script for a seller, with few specifications: He sell 10 different itens; After 1 hour, change for 10 new itens; Each player can only buy 1 item, and the buyed item are removed from the Seller; Each item from the seller came from a vector with few options (ex: the 1st item are a healing item, that can be one of this: box with 10 white potion, box with 7 slim white potion, box with 5 yggberry, or a +10 food); Someone can help with this, or have a NPC in this style?
  8. I tried edit the client to choose another path for the Gangsi sprite, but had no luck. I'm posting my results for who want help me in this adventure. I want change the Dark Collector and Death Knight too, but will talk only about Gangsi here, because solving one, solve all. My client is 2018-04-18bRagexeRE. Creating a file "data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\renewalparty\icon_jobs_4050.bmp" will prevent an error when enter in char select screen with a Gangsi Job, and other file, "data\sprite\Àΰ£Á·\¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ\¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ_³²_´Ü°Ë_°Ë±¤.spr" (with .act too), will prevent other error that I dont remember now. A sprite file that I put for test is "data\sprite\Àΰ£Á·\¸öÅë\³²\¼ºÁ÷Àa_³².spr" (with .act too, I renamed another sprite extracted from GRF). The Gangsi uses Acolyte sprite, what is called "성직자", but shows "¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ". I changed the last character, "Ú" for "a", to edit only 1 character and test the result. Address 0093684D -> changed "Ú" to "a" here, and the sprite of Gangsi was changed, but Acolyte was changed too. Address 00934045 -> the job name that shows in status area, the only good one. Address 0090E9C0 to 0090F1E0 -> some kind of NPC text, that questions about what is the value of a sum of characters name. And the world, is the unimplemented classes. I tried search the Acolyte name, "¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ", but have 7 results; 2 for male sprite readings ("¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ" and "¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ_h"), 2 for female, the 0093684D that changes both sprites, and other 2 results side to side, that looks like some kind of weapon/item sprites. And had lots of searches and failures, that isn't usefull to share (2 days trying this, with LOTS of mistakes). For easy reference, Sage name (Dark Collector uses their sprite): "¼¼ÀÌÁö"; Knight name (Death Knight uses their sprite): "±â»ç". Anyone can help me to find the right way to choose a separated file for this Jobs? (PS: my english isnt too good, and I'm really dumb in programming and other related things; this was my first time with a Hex editor).
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