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  1. I tried edit the client to choose another path for the Gangsi sprite, but had no luck. I'm posting my results for who want help me in this adventure. I want change the Dark Collector and Death Knight too, but will talk only about Gangsi here, because solving one, solve all. My client is 2018-04-18bRagexeRE. Creating a file "data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\renewalparty\icon_jobs_4050.bmp" will prevent an error when enter in char select screen with a Gangsi Job, and other file, "data\sprite\Àΰ£Á·\¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ\¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ_³²_´Ü°Ë_°Ë±¤.spr" (with .act too), will prevent other error that I dont remember now. A sprite file that I put for test is "data\sprite\Àΰ£Á·\¸öÅë\³²\¼ºÁ÷Àa_³².spr" (with .act too, I renamed another sprite extracted from GRF). The Gangsi uses Acolyte sprite, what is called "성직자", but shows "¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ". I changed the last character, "Ú" for "a", to edit only 1 character and test the result. Address 0093684D -> changed "Ú" to "a" here, and the sprite of Gangsi was changed, but Acolyte was changed too. Address 00934045 -> the job name that shows in status area, the only good one. Address 0090E9C0 to 0090F1E0 -> some kind of NPC text, that questions about what is the value of a sum of characters name. And the world, is the unimplemented classes. I tried search the Acolyte name, "¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ", but have 7 results; 2 for male sprite readings ("¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ" and "¼ºÁ÷ÀÚ_h"), 2 for female, the 0093684D that changes both sprites, and other 2 results side to side, that looks like some kind of weapon/item sprites. And had lots of searches and failures, that isn't usefull to share (2 days trying this, with LOTS of mistakes). For easy reference, Sage name (Dark Collector uses their sprite): "¼¼ÀÌÁö"; Knight name (Death Knight uses their sprite): "±â»ç". Anyone can help me to find the right way to choose a separated file for this Jobs? (PS: my english isnt too good, and I'm really dumb in programming and other related things; this was my first time with a Hex editor).