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  1. Just a rectification, when a .txt is coded with ANSI, character enconding UTF-7 works perfect and UTF-8 doesn't show some caracter like "ç ã õ" to make my lite client I take .txt files from bRO and put manually into my custom .grf and using UTF-7, it's working, but i don't know why
  2. @bWolfie It's happening to all ranged monsters, not only cecil
  3. I will post a video but it really looks like that the agressive ranged mob doesn't see players in other side of ice wall, for example a cecil MVP sniper has 14 cells of attack ranged, but with ice wall skill she doesn't atack, only if i hit her
  4. <SOLUTION> I fixed my problem extracting all files from brazilRO.grf(2 GB) to a folder and merging with my custom .grf.(300 MB) resulting in a 2.3 GB data grf. 1) If i'm using UTF-8, why when i get some text code in ANSI it works perfectly ? 2 ) When you say codepage/locale, my texts file can be split in two .grf files ? Because this way I can't make a lite patch client. I don't get why the character encoding on ROext is not working for more than one GRF
  5. @Samuel , that is the warnings that @Nihad was telling great plugin from annie
  6. Hello, I facing a strange bug, when i get next to a ranged monster it attacks normaly but after I use ice wall, the monster stops to attack ! It only start to attack again if I attack the mob with some skill or ranged attack. I believe that it's not a normal behavior, someone know why it's happening ? I'm using last version of hercules emulator and a 2014 client. Thanks,
  7. Hello, I'm trying to keep my client all in portuguese and I almost got it with ROExt. My problem is: When i choose on ROExt to character encoding to UTF-7, my itens looks like perfect with all latin accents but my client interface got messed like this picture: and when i change character enconding to UTF-8, my itens looks like this: I'm using Hercules last version with item_db.conf without changes in english, hexed 2014 03 05 and this diff options like: 53 Use Ascii on All LangTypes (Recommended) Someone know why this is happening ? Thanks,
  8. I'm new here, i don't know how to close this post In my case, solution : I diff a hexed to NOT IGNORE ERROS and show me what was my fault. I see that map name was vip and i put vip_room, a dumb dumb mistake rs Someone can close ? Thanks
  9. Hi, I'm trying to add this map on my server : My server doesn't show any error type, and when i type @warp <map_custom> i got crashed and i can't log in again. I believe that my client side is not OK but i don't know why, I put the .gat .rsw .gnd on data folder, my diff enabled read data folder first, and just for assurance i merged .gat .rsw .gnd on data GRF and the game still crashes someone could help ? and my resnametable on client folder and server data folder has the same : " vip_room.gnd#vip_room.gnd# vip_room.gat#vip_room.gat# vip_room.rsw#vip_room.rsw# "
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