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  1. WipeOut Ragnarok Online We are planning something big and different but a classic server. We are working on a project or server that includes a custom race system. I got this idea from RAN Online, they got different schools and that schools go to war with each other but they have several guilds in one school. So, I came up with the idea of making something close to it and put it in a RO Server but a bit different. It is the RACE System. Custom Races consists of Human, Beast, Vampire. They have different attributes and bonuses as well as weaknesses. They have their own war aside from War of Emperium. War of Emperium will be done by mixed races in a guild but the so-called "RACE WAR"(there's no name for it for now), will be done by the same races competing to our other races. The Race System was made possible by Kamishi's Elemental Race System. I got it the base script and the palletes from him(I paid for it so I have license using it). Making some scripts and editing some of the scripts of KamiShi, I got it working /heh For God's sake, it worked! /heh Here's a few details of the server setup so you can get the idea of how would it work /no1 Pre-re Server Transcendental Jobs with baby jobs Base Exp: 150 Job Exp: 150 Drop Rate: 150(1.5%) Equipment Drop: 150(1.5%) Card Drop: 100(1%) MvP Equip Drop: 100(1%) MvP Card Drop: 10(0.1%) LHz Card Drop: 1(0.01%) Refine Drop: 10(1%) Max Base Level: 99 Max Job Level: 70 Max ASPD: 190 Custom Quests Custom Story-lined Quests Custom Items Custom Sets Custom Cards Custom Race System(Human/Werewolf/Vampire) Custom Race War No Allstats more than +1 No Individual Custom Stats more than +2 Elemental-based Items/Skills PS: We are open for suggestions and other matters. PS: I will post some screenshots later.
  2. honestly, i already forgot that i made something like this /omg
  3. HAHAHAHAHA now ko nga lng dn napansin eh HAHAHAHAHA grabe xD /heh
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