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  1. FleXx

    LF Developer

    Still searching, your interested? Pm me.
  2. Hi Hecules! Many developer have mostly no time for a daily/weekly Jobs. Thats why im searching for 1 or 2 experienced Developer who want to script but don't have time for a big project. What does a bit of time mean: If you have time for 1 or 2 Script Jobs per month. If you have time for scripting if I need some help around a script. Im also not interested in people who can't write back if there have currently a script Job and im just asking some questions about it. If the script needs to be changed and you say im finished its your problem ( quick cash.. ). I`ll give you, your time we just talk about that and both are happy with it. Payment should be via Paypal. I had some people who was thinking they could make small grab money with me, I paid them and they delivered not in time ( without any written reason ). Or the script was not like it should, no response at all after. So I would pay you after I could see the results. Just write me here a PM and everything else we handle personally. Feel free to PM if you think your experienced and you don't have the time for big projects. But you love to script and could get some money for it. cheers FleXx
  3. Hi guys, I`ll have a Problem with Alayne Wordlboss Script. As you can see there should be given a reward of Gold to all Players on that Map on Mob dead, but this does not work. 1. Why is OnInit: Just RewardCount with -1 and not RewardID? Could someone tell me the right way to handle the reward? 2. Players could abuse this system if it works, how can i handle that you have to atk the worldboss and on afk ( kick ) from map. Hopefully someone can help me:) OnWorldBossDied: stopnpctimer; killmonster $lastPopMap$, "All"; setarray [email protected][0], 969; //gold announce "[ System ] "+strcharinfo(0)+" just killed a World Boss !",bc_all,0x0000FF; if(.rewardCount == -1) { set .rewardCount, getmapusers(strnpcinfo(4)) - 1; } for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<.rewardCount; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { set [email protected], rand(0,getarraysize([email protected]) - 1); //edit 150 if the map length and height is different of 150 cell makeitem [email protected][[email protected]],1,$lastPopMap$,rand(150),rand(150); } set $wordBossPop, 0; end; OnInit: set .rewardCount, -1; set .timerCount, 0; set .bossAliveDuration, 30; //in minutes Thanks.
  4. Hi, your discord name doesn’t work. Could you pm me or do you have Skype? cheers
  5. FleXx


    Yeah I know. But when I do it like that. Just the owner could save or stay. im currently using it alomost like you said, but the players are disappointed because they want also to save there till the house rent is over or till the password from the house owner gets changed. im pretty sure there is a way but it’s not in my mind or I don’t have the skills to do it. There are some Server who have this feature. cheers
  6. FleXx


    Thank you for the replay guys. if I use savepoint("prontera", 156, 191) I need something like to add it to all Charakters or warp them outside if the rent is over.
  7. FleXx


    Hi Herc, I have a House System on my Server. I added a Kafra there with a savepoint. What im searching for is: When i release the House everyone should get a new savepoint. I got some help from someone with query sqL: query_sql("UPDATE `char` SET `save_map`='prontera', `save_x`='156', `save_y`='191' WHERE `char_id`='"+getcharid(CHAR_ID_CHAR, getd("$house" + getarg(0) + "_user$"))+"'"); But this does not work. And even if it will work its only for the owner of the house who release the House. Could anyone help me out? Thank you ~cheers
  8. Hi,

    Could you help me out on Discord?

    Ill added you, my name there is Bl4....


    I want to ask you if you could help me with your battleground plugin. I successfully installed the plugin but there are some bugs inside the bg.

    thanks for reading

    hope to here from you:)


  9. Hi Hercules! I`m Looking for: Adding Eathena/Rathena costum files ( my old ones ) - serverside and clientside ( 300~ Costum Headgears and Pets ) + respective traits (equip, useable, etc) = Done Recolor NPC - Change normal Headgears to Recolored Headgears ( I have the sprites ) = Available Job Adding Mobs - Around 10 with drops + spawn on map. = Available Job Adding some Maps - Just cloning of some maps. = Done Just a few questions around hercules emulator. = Done Of course we can talk about the payment and so on, why i dont do that on my own? Im doing it, but im just to slow and im alone at the moment. Contact me if you are interested: PM me: Here or on Discord: Bl4ck0ut#7369
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