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  1. Hi Hercules! I`m Looking for: Adding Eathena/Rathena costum files ( my old ones ) - serverside and clientside ( 300~ Costum Headgears and Pets ) + respective traits (equip, useable, etc) = Done Recolor NPC - Change normal Headgears to Recolored Headgears ( I have the sprites ) = Available Job Adding Mobs - Around 10 with drops + spawn on map. = Available Job Adding some Maps - Just cloning of some maps. = Done Just a few questions around hercules emulator. = Done Of course we can talk about the payment and so on, why i dont do that on my own? Im doing it, but im just to slow and im alone at the moment. Contact me if you are interested: PM me: Here or on Discord: Bl4ck0ut#7369