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  1. I need someone who can code me or someone who have already this setup >> A ready made NPC's for a GVG server 7v7 It is better if someone already had this from his server before who can sell me a package deal. Our server info: Transcendent second classes job 7v7 practice server only (NON PROFIT server) NPC's that we basically need: * NPC Warper for GVG maps including (guild_vs1, 2, 3, 4, 5) * Healer NPC * NPC Upgrader upto safety limits * NPC for Renting a cart, falcon, etc. * NPC Acid Bottle + FireBottle / Poison Bottle giver (ACID/FIRE: max 5 per character: Biochem only) (POISON: 1 per character: Assassin X Only) * NPC that sells usable items HP/SP Potions & Abnormal status cure potions [panacea], Silver arrow (NO wind arrow) * Others for discussion CONTACT: email: [email protected] discord: kaklase#3151 skype: rfstrider MODE OF PAYMENT: PayPal only
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