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  1. As you said and i saw it in tests, my game don't have the zero mechanics, but work normally as normal server, even better than my other server, more smooth and clean. I used KROzero to build my client folder, with nemo exe, it worked, but without the mechanics as you mention. Now i have faced some questions: 1- My client folder have a complete data from KRO patcher, is possible to make it work by referring it on Hercules? Like it work with normal servers "i suppose". 2- I need to edit by hand everything i want from zero mechanics on hercules to make it work right? If so, how do i can check where and how them work? 3- I saw a Zero private server: maybe that server don't mimic Zero mechanics by 100%? Is it using Hercules/how do i know that? 4- Can i found all info on how Zero mechanis work in KRO files? If so, how do i can read trough the unreadble characters from some files? 5-Hercules don't support Zero mechanics, so why have the option "zero without being zero" on mmo.h file? 6- Any tips for a beginner?D Thanks man!
  2. Appreciate your comment. I'm beginner with server emulation. Just to make things clear: Is grf the data.grf file and data is the folder with some files? Or are your comment considering data and grf the data.grf file only? thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, where exaclty in nemo site i can find data/grf file for a especific client? I only found client versions there.
  4. I know i'm in the wrong place for it, but i just need to ask you directly: Hello, i wanna to make a private offline server of Ragnarok Online Zero. I recently complete my first objective: that is run a private offline server of my region Ragnarok Online. Using all things i have learned from that experience, i'm having some problems "i'm new in creating private servers or editing game things". For some reason, i know my emulator maybe will not run the zero version of ragnarok, even when i try to modificate things on mmo.h file. basically i wanna to ask you about some help, how can i do a Ragnarok Online Zero emulation with Hercules? Can you give me any clue?D I tried to use the client and files of the Ragna0 private server, but not worked.
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