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  1. Hello, naruto 😁 yeah, I tried this before, and just what happens is: the bug is transferred from a hotkey to another...
  2. At this moment: if i cross a warp and press Alt + Q (Equip. Window) or press Alt + X (Costume Window) the client gonna crash. If i press any other shortkey nothing happens. thanks for replying (EDIT) Video reporting.
  3. Hello everyone, I have been facing a somewhat strange problem. My equipment window works and always worked correctly and I don't face any equipment sprite problems. Our project is in terminal and right now we have discovered a Bug a little uncomfortable ... My equipment window closes my client with "Gravity Error" only if I try to open it while we are on a map loading screen. I have tried at "Source" to block this in all ways, and I believe that it is beyond my power to resolve this, as I have definitely tried everything and nothing interferes with the action of "warping.state". So I came to beg for the help of some of you professionals, Is there a "maybe one script" way of not allowing the player to do any action while in the action of changing maps? "Load" any action = Include not using Shortcuts. I appreciate any help. Obs = My client is 20200108 This error has already been tested on older customers, and it started to happen on (2019+) clients.
  4. This global message came with my Hercules emulator, I definitely spent days looking for where to find it, but I didn't find it ... Could anyone tell me where to find this message to change it?
  5. Anyone know how to fix this problem? The mob dont fall when die... but it just happens when it's pushed.
  6. Exactly, but in this way in item DB, the color will always be the same for the specific item. my question is how to do this for each option. just like it is at Ragnarok Zero.
  7. Hello, I have a question about the options of the items. Could anyone tell me how to add color to the options for all items? I was able to put a specific color for each item inside (Item DB). Exemple: all equipment dropped with white color (Dropeffectmode: 1) ... but how to make each color be mentioned in each specific option? [White color = 01 Option], [Blue Color = 02 Options], [Orange Color = 03 Options], [Golden Color = 04 Options], [Purple Color = 05 Options], In case anyone knows and can answer me I appreciate it.
  8. I try to find something about this in Iteminfo.lua. but that is not mentioned there. anyone knows how to remove this from my item description? this is a Intimacy off Egg Itens?
  9. my server version is: and yes, have some modifications, in fact, have a lot of changes. but this error only apper after i change my cliente version for this recent. (print) (sry about my english).
  10. Hi Kenpachi thanks for answering me. I record a little video to explain my problem. The error aways happens when used ground skills. just in the moment of the hit/hits.. All ground skills... Storm gust, thunder storm, Meteor Storm.... and other class skill to... Sanctuary, Magnus Exorcism..... i do no how to fix this and how to find the problem.
  11. Anyone knows what is this error, and how to fix the same?
  12. whithout sucess, I had already tried this before, but is a little confused to me.. thanks for answering yeah, I got it change the particle color, "Bubbles up in portal". But i can't change the Color of rings in ground. Sorry about my Terrible English.
  13. Anyone know how to change warp colors in game??? I know about the files "Particles" inside the GRF, But how to imput this inside the game?
  14. can be possible use this in older clients? maybe.. make a npc to use this folder "display_mapname" to imput this Png on my screen... this can be possible?
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