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  1. How did you get it working.. How is it connecting to your database? Mine is connected to accounts.txt o_O
  2. Hello friend, I just want to start off by writing that I aspire to be a great support for 3CeAM. I've gotten the "3CeAM r900 2018-06-21" server package. I'm testing it out on my windows computer before pushing to a Linux server. Mainly, I just compiled it with Visual C++ 2010 Express. Everything is good with compilation. I don't think the compiled server is using the MySQL database that I have set up for it. How would I go about changing the source to read from the database or fix this issue? Below are some snippets for clarity (because a photo is worth a million words): MySQL: import for inter_conf: import for map_conf: (purple is WAN IP, ports forwarded and open) import for char_conf: (purple is WAN IP, ports forwarded and open) Results: Please help =( Thank you, Rimz P.S. If I take out: userid: ragnarok passwd: ragnarok , From char and map conf imports, then the server runs fine, except using s1/p1. Also was not able to access using the client. UPDATE: SQL Seems to be working fine now. Just cannot connect to the client at the moment. I switched over to WAMPserver instead of Microsoft MySQL server and imported main.sql from the 3CeAM project. I also learned about the runserver_sql file XD. The problem now is this on the client: I'm gonna be working on this for now. Feel free to help if you would like Cheers~ UPDATE: It works if I place instead of my IP address in the clientinfo.xml file. I have ports forwarded and firewall turned off... So I will be figuring this out now. Now I'm so stumped... I don't understand why it's not working from my IP address... Is this an issue because of my ISP? I don't even know, HTTP sites seem to work, Ports also report open from other sources.
  3. @4144 Thank you for your information. I will definitely do more searching. I tried rAthena now on both Windows, (Debian, Ubuntu), all failed - mainly when it came to the client-side I believe. What I truly is just set up to 2nd jobs I think.. (I'm trying to replicate my old server TalonRO, even back when it was AnimaRO) Thank you again, and I'm open to more information always XD @Naruto That's crazy! They have a final upgrade to the Gunslinger class! What! Ah I see. Thank you for mentioning 3ceam. It does seem like rytech is really on it. I'm gonna go ahead and tinker with that now. If it works, I'll definitely stick with it and support him!
  4. Hello everyone. I'm looking forward to starting a private Ragnarok Online server. I initially started with Hercules on a Debian server, got pretty far, but ultimately could not get inside the game (probably cause of client/version mismatch). Now, after further research and trying out a bit of rAthena.. Just wondering what is the difference between rAthena and Hercules? I just want the most stable method to run an up-to-date Ragnarok Online server. Thank you very much for your time, suggestions and insights. Rimz
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