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  1. so u mena this client is u cannot add alot of custom items ,thats what u mean ?
  2. so sir u mean my client that i download last december is the latest 1 which have 2147483648 amount of custom item limit ? , the item_DB in hercules and rathena are defirrent patern right ?
  3. ahhh ok , may i know what happen if u rich the limit, and u still adding item ? cause in rathena ill try 32367 only when i add more , there is no sprite on game ,but can view the item and description no error, just if i worn the equip no sprite show , do u think is that the limit ?and waht do u mean new client, i download hercules last dec 2019 is that already a new client?
  4. i mean i just only want to know until how much i can add custom item sir ? is there any limitS? cause in rathena i add custom headgear for 32367 its ok but when i add 32368 to 32369 i can add , in game the item show and description there is no problem but if i worn it , there is no sprite show, ill check all my script, and also i try adding more to check it out ,same problem, maybe there is a limit of adding custom item, and now iwant here in hercules until how much really i can add custom items or equips?
  5. elow everybody?? can i ask how much can i add custom headgear or items on server? please may i know ????
  6. Mga boss patulong nmn oh d kasi ako developer, gusto ko lng sana mag dagdag ng custom items sa hercules server offline bago lng ako , Ano po bah gagawin para po mka access sa data/luafiles/datainfo Kasi po yung data folder ko sa client side isang txt lng ang nandun tpos po yung system folder nmn s client side nandun po yung luafiles514 folder pero wla nmn po laman, ano po bah gagawin po pra mkaaccess dun? Plss mga boss mga maam paturo nmn oh plssss
  7. Im sorry but i dont understand some topic i read and i dont wanna crush my ragnarok server so iwanna make sure i do it ryt on thing what i want to do
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