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  1. Skits


    update.. got the sprites to work but the MC Cameri one it says riding true but it wont show him on a peco peco
  2. Skits


    How do i fix this? When i try spawning them the sprite doesnt work. the sprite still shows the mob being used and not the sprite it should change to.
  3. How to write this properly? maybe im missing something cause the mobs arent even following the guide reference given in the txt.
  4. fixed. i just added it in /texture folder only before A-A
  5. I already placed the map inside the server and i can warp there but it shows bmp error even though all the bmps are in texture/custom already so i dont see whats wrong when all the bmps are complete and in the folder.
  6. I was planning to put a lhz mob in a map and change its summon skill to a custom mob. how do i go about this? hopefully there is a step by step guide. I want to also put a certain mob in a map that doesnt have any drop items but i would like to put 1 item as its drop.
  7. so i used a tool for making a script for my quest npc for (helm and wing) i just want a quest npc wherein when you click the npc it gives you 2 options helm or wing and when you click 1 of them and enter it should show the requirements of the item and you could choose to make it or not depending if u have the required items in your inventory. Newton.txt
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