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  1. Hi everyone !! I have a server on Windows using Renewal Hercules emulator from 2019. All is working pretty fine expect for the normal attack from pets. They always misses when attacking other monsters is that normal ? Skills are working as expected. I also attempted to enable leveling for pets not working either. I did not found any relevant information regarding that everywhere on the internet and got no clue where to change the base stats or base atk of a pet like STR or DEX etc... Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance !
  2. For some reasons many costume items are set in "etc" tab and can't be equipped since they're not shown in the equip tab. Examples: C Fluffy Heart Earmuffs [0] [Costume Middle Head] Item ID# 31439 C Flutter Butterfly [0] [Costume Lower Head] Item ID# 5914 (Earmuff_Flowerform) Just wanted to know where can i change these items type to work properly. Thank you !
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