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  1. I'm guessing this is a direct consequence of the problem. You don't actually enter the Fury state, you only have the visual effect, and therefore you consume the spheres as if you had never used Critical Explosion.
  2. Hi all, I made a clean install of Hercules a couple days ago and every skill that I have tried seems to be working correctly, but when it comes to Fury/Critical Explosion (MO_EXPLOSIONSPIRITS) something goes wrong for some reason. Although the animation and visual effects are visible when used, the character brings up a merchant's cart and doesn't seem to enter the Fury state (sp regen doesn't stop). Client used is 20120410aRagexe from here. Flags used for Hercules: ./configure --with-mysql=/usr/bin/mariadb_config --enable-64bit --disable-renewal --enable-packetver=20120410 Some notes in case it helps: - Hercules source has not been modified - Obfuscation keys have not been modified - Diffs on the client only include those recommended by NEMO - The cart that pops up isn't merely a visual effect, you can actually open it up, store things in it, and walk around as a champ with the cart on your back - When the Fury skill is used, the plain gray cart is the one that appears, but when you enter a warp with it, it changes to another kind of cart - Notice from the .gif that items introduced in the first cart don't appear after Fury is used at first, but they do when I cross the warp Any help is appreciated.
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