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  1. Hi miss @AnnieRuru thank you so much! So sorry to bother again but could I ask? Is there also a way to give the players a reward when the match is a draw? Thanks again for your amazing help.
  2. That script works fantastic! But can I make one more request miss Annie? Would it be possible to reward both winners and losers? Like 10 red pots for the winner, 5 red pots for the loser? Thanks so much!
  3. Oh no that script works fine annie! My emulator is updated. I just liked the way of registration in the other version you posted a lot more, were it doesn't require chat rooms. I would love that version but with emperiums.
  4. Oh I'm sorry annie, I'm using rAthena. I should have clarified.. >.< I'll try your script regardless and let you know how it goes, thanks so much! As I was afraid, unfortunately the NPC doesn't work with rAthena, @AnnieRuru. The other script i posted is just fine except if possible can there be emps instead of plants? Again im very sorry for not being more specific in my first post. >.<
  5. Hey everyone! I am looking for some assistance! I came across this amazing script by @AnnieRuru and was hoping someone could offer me a hand (maybe, hopefully the script queen herself)? What I want is make this a WoE/emperium version and - instead of a plant - give both parties an emperium to defend. When the emp is broken the team would lose and the other would win. Pretty much like the bg_emp script of rAthena. I tried to study that script but failed to accomplish desired result. The shuffle feature is great so hopefully it's possible to make it work! Thanks in advance (:
  6. Hey, Can anyone help? I'm using Annieruru's mission board but the daily and only once functions do not work the first time when you complete the mission. If you complete it once, you can complete it again, and only after completing it a second time, it will be labeled as completed. This applies both for daily and only once. If someone can help me fix it, I'd be forever grateful. Thanks http://upaste.me/r/6a67109559565b02b
  7. Dear community, I've been working with browedit 586 for years to create maps and it has always served me well. However it has come to my attention that it doesnt support newer models (unlike 620). So i installed 620, all was well except whenever i render lightmaps and try to quicksave, it says "too many lightmaps!" and clears them again. Also a normal "save" or "save as" crashes the whole thing. I'm stuck now, because i cant open the new map in brow 586 due to new models that my map has and brow 620 doesn't let me save the lightmaps. Does anyone know what i can do? I've already tried copying over the 620 romodels.txt and rotextures.txt into the 586 directory but alas, doesn't work.
  8. Hi KirieZ, I'm not sure what you mean with that I'm not using arrays in getitem2. I did put [email protected]$ and [email protected]$ in the getitem2, should that not take care of it? Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi Hercules, Does anyone know what I've done wrong here? It transfers over the refine rate perfectly, but it doesn't transfer over the card (should be the card that's compounded in the bone helm). The getitem2 just deletes it. Does anyone know why? Thanks a lot! next; getinventorylist; for(set [email protected],0; [email protected] < @inventorylist_count; set [email protected],[email protected]+1){ if ( @inventorylist_id[ [email protected] ] == 5162 ) // Slotted bone helm [email protected]$[ getarraysize( [email protected]$ ) ] = @inventorylist_refine[ [email protected] ]; [email protected]$[ getarraysize( [email protected]$ ) ] = @inventorylist_card1[ [email protected] ]; } getitem2 5162,1,1,[email protected]$,0,[email protected]$,0,0,0;
  10. Hi Hercules! Question, i have made a event but would like for players not to be let in with certain items. How do i delete all the said items? for example, a player is carrying 50 blue potions but i want to delete those as well as anything under that amount (i.e they've used 2, it should still delete the remaining 48). delitem only works per specific amount, Ive input 50 but it gives a map-server error if i have less than that in my inventory. How will i achieve this? Thanks!
  11. Hey Hercules! Does anyone know how i can make it so the losers of this script will also get 3x platinum coin (677) instead of only the winners? I've tried to throw in a getitem before the bg_warp when the match is over but it doesn't quite work (player not attached message). Thank you so much! - script bg_emp#control HIDDEN_NPC,{ OnInit: .minplayer2start = 1; // minimum player to start .winningscore = 3; // final score to win .eventlasting = 20 * 60; // abort the system if there's no progress, 20 mins * seconds setarray .rewarditem, 677, 10; // reward to the winning team end; OnStart: if ( getwaitingroomstate( 0, .rednpcname$ ) < .minplayer2start || getwaitingroomstate( 0, .bluenpcname$ ) < .minplayer2start ) end; .red = waitingroom2bg( "bat_b01", 66,149, strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnRedQuit", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnRedDead", .rednpcname$ ); copyarray .team1aid, [email protected], [email protected]; .team1count = .minplayer2start; .blue = waitingroom2bg( "bat_b01", 331,149, strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBlueQuit", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBlueDead", .bluenpcname$ ); copyarray .team2aid, [email protected], [email protected]; .team2count = .minplayer2start; delwaitingroom .rednpcname$; delwaitingroom .bluenpcname$; disablenpc .rednpcname$; disablenpc .bluenpcname$; bg_warp .red, "bat_b01", 66,149; bg_warp .blue, "bat_b01", 331,149; bg_updatescore "bat_b01", 0, 0; sleep 6000 * !.skip; mapannounce "bat_b01", "Mini WoE : Welcome to the Mini WoE Event! Both guilds have an Emperium summoned both at the opposite side of the arena. The guild that destroys the other guild's Emperium (3 times) first is the winner!", 0; sleep 3000 * !.skip; mapannounce "bat_b01", "Mini WoE : All participants, please get ready! The battle is about to begin!", 0; sleep 2000 * !.skip; while (1) { for ( [email protected] = 5; [email protected] > 0; [email protected] ) { mapannounce "bat_b01", "["+ [email protected] +"]", 0; sleep 1000 * !.skip; } if ( .score[1] == .winningscore -1 && .score[2] == .winningscore -1 ) mapannounce "bat_b01", "Mini WoE : Final round, get ready!", 0; else mapannounce "bat_b01", "Mini WoE : Round " + (1+(.round++ ))+"/3... go!", 0; bg_monster .red,"bat_b01",61,149, "--ja--",1288, strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnRedDown"; bg_monster .blue,"bat_b01",331,149, "--ja--",1288, strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnBlueDown"; delwall "bg_emp_town_red"; delwall "bg_emp_town_blue"; sleep .eventlasting * 1000 * !.skip; bg_updatescore "bat_b01", .score[1], .score[2]; killmonster "bat_b01", strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnRedDown"; killmonster "bat_b01", strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnBlueDown"; if ( getstrlen( .empkiller$ ) ) mapannounce "bat_b01", .empkiller$ +" has destroyed "+( ( .winside == 1 )?"Blue":"Red" )+" Guild's Emperium! The "+( ( .winside == 1 )?"Red":"Blue" )+" Team scores a point!", 0; if ( .score[1] == .winningscore || .score[2] == .winningscore || !.winside ) break; sleep 5000 * !.skip; bg_warp .red, "bat_b01", 66,149; bg_warp .blue, "bat_b01", 326,149; sleep 1000 * !.skip; .winside = 0; } if ( .winside ) { mapannounce "bat_b01","The "+( ( .winside == 1 )?"Red":"Blue" )+" Guild is the winner of this Mini WoE! Thank you all for participating!", 0; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getd(".team"+ .winside +"count"); [email protected]++ ) getitem .rewarditem[0], .rewarditem[1], getd(".team"+ .winside +"aid["+ [email protected] +"]" ); } else mapannounce "bat_b01", "Time Out. Aborting the match.", 0; sleep 5000; bg_warp .red, "prontera", 155,182; bg_warp .blue, "prontera", 158,182; bg_destroy .red; bg_destroy .blue; delwall "bg_emp_town_red"; delwall "bg_emp_town_blue"; deletearray .team1aid; deletearray .team2aid; .round = .winside = .skip = .score[1] = .score[2] = .team1count = .team2count = 0; enablenpc .rednpcname$; enablenpc .bluenpcname$; donpcevent .rednpcname$ +"::OnStart"; donpcevent .bluenpcname$ +"::OnStart"; end; OnRedDown: callsub L_EmpDown, 2; OnBlueDown: callsub L_EmpDown, 1; L_EmpDown: .empkiller$ = strcharinfo(0); .winside = getarg(0); .score[ .winside ]++; awake strnpcinfo(0); end; OnRedDead: callsub L_dead, 2; OnBlueDead: callsub L_dead, 1; L_dead: for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getd(".team"+ getarg(0) +"count"); [email protected]++ ) getitem 608, 1, getd(".team"+ getarg(0) +"aid["+ [email protected] +"]" ); // give a ygg leaf here sleep2 1250; percentheal 100,100; end; OnRedQuit: callsub L_quit, 1, "Red", 2; OnBlueQuit: callsub L_quit, 2, "Blue", 1; L_quit: percentheal 100, 100; while ( getd( ".team"+ getarg(0) +"aid["+ [email protected] +"]" ) != getcharid(3) && [email protected] < getd(".team"+ getarg(0) +"count") ) [email protected]++; deletearray getd( ".team"+ getarg(0) +"aid["+ [email protected] +"]" ), 1; setd ".team"+ getarg(0) +"count", getd(".team"+ getarg(0) +"count") -1; if ( getd(".team"+ getarg(0) +"count") ) end; mapannounce "bat_a01", "All "+ getarg(1) +" team members have quit the Mini WoE Event!", 0, 0xff3333; // purposely use different color .score[ getarg(2) ] = .winningscore; .winside = getarg(2); .skip = 1; awake strnpcinfo(0); end; } quiz_00,59,37,3 script Red Guild#bg_emp 4_M_CRU_KNT,{ end; OnInit: sleep 1; set getvariableofnpc( .rednpcname$, "bg_emp#control" ), strnpcinfo(0); OnStart: disablenpc "Guildsman Recruiter"; waitingroom "Red Guild", getvariableofnpc( .minplayer2start, "bg_emp#control" ) +1, strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnJoin", 1; end; OnJoin: // announce "The Red Guild has ["+ getwaitingroomstate(0) +"/"+ getvariableofnpc( .minplayer2start, "bg_emp#control" ) +"] User", 0; donpcevent "bg_emp#control::OnStart"; end; } z_agit,24,186,3 script Blue Guild#bg_emp 4_M_KY_SOLD,{ end; OnInit: sleep 1; set getvariableofnpc( .bluenpcname$, "bg_emp#control" ), strnpcinfo(0); OnStart: disablenpc "Guildsman Recruiter"; waitingroom "Blue Guild", getvariableofnpc( .minplayer2start, "bg_emp#control" ) +1, strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnJoin", 1; end; OnJoin: // announce "The Blue Guild has ["+ getwaitingroomstate(0) +"/"+ getvariableofnpc( .minplayer2start, "bg_emp#control" ) +"] User", 0; donpcevent "bg_emp#control::OnStart"; end; } bat_b01 mapflag battleground 2 bat_b01 mapflag nosave SavePoint bat_b01 mapflag nowarp bat_b01 mapflag nowarpto bat_b01 mapflag noteleport bat_b01 mapflag nomemo bat_b01 mapflag nopenalty bat_b01 mapflag nobranch bat_b01 mapflag noicewall
  12. Thanks Ridley! Eek. I can find so little info of RO dex in Hercules commits. Is it even supported yet?
  13. Hi Hercules! I'm wondering what the cause of this could be. As the title states, my mail box cannot be opened and @mail does not work. So far I know I did not make any changes to disable the mail system. Client is 2015-05-13aRagexe and langtype is 1 (tried 0 as well). Map-server gives no errors, the @mail command also gives no unknown command message. Nothing just happens... Any idea what could be the case?
  14. Helena

    Array help

    Thank you so much Garr! It works perfectly.
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