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  1. thank you very much! , it solved the problem, but apparently there's another, i tried many solution before posting again here. none of it helped really
  2. Amazing idea, and keeps relates to the RPG style the NPC worked ok, still i have this err every time i try using the Matchstick. would love if you could help me in it, if so i'm on debian 9, [v2019.06.02] `June 2 2019` version currently, planning to use it as Valkyrie NPC helping valhala warriors in the monster invasion without need to sit, until it's fixed or so.
  3. Hello ! Not sure if it's the right section but i saw "General Server Support" So Back To The Problem i can't do chain crush combo after combo finish example : Triple Attack >> Chain Combo >> Combo Finish >> Tiger Knuckle Fist >> Chain Crush Combo > Asura >> Works Fine Triple Attack >> Chain Combo >> Combo Finish >> Chain Crush Comb >>> Can't Do The Chain Crush Combo I know It's Rare to use but i want to make it perfect and to learn how to fix these thing alone in the future Thx
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