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  1. Im using 2014-10-22b but my character deletion is bugged. text wont turn blue even i set the char_del_delay to 0, 30 and even 86400. Any suggestions? Btw im using rathena, i cant find any solutions in rathena forums.
  2. It gave me a stage 4 cancer.
  3. NPC won't load for me
  4. Mad Hatter Set Item Name: The Mad Hat Item Type: Upper Headgear Animated?: Yes. Status: Files lost. Must reproduce from scratch. --- Item Name: The Mad Scarf Item Type: Lower Headgear/Robe(?) Animated?: Yes, if possible. Status: Planning --- Item Name: Manic Eyes Item Type: Mid Headgear Animated?: Yes, if possible. Status: Planning --- Item Name: ??? Item Type: Weapon [sword/Axe] Animated?: Yes, if possible. Status: Planning Old Draft Cancelled Projects: Below are sprite samples of the projects I started, but decided to cancel it, either because it doesn't look good ingame or I don't have time to spare. Aura Sprites: This was for a server I was a part of. The admins asked for an aura sprite as they find the wings 'too mainstream'. So I tried to make one. Though I decided not to finish due to the fact that the sprite doesn't look good in all job sprites. Anyway below is a sample image of the Aura sprite I made: Other Notes: Expect more sprites from me. I'm more active now than ever! If you need something from me or what not, don't be shy to contact me here or through any of the contact information I provided on the top part of this post. Special Thanks to gaypuff, Wolfie and AetherHaziel! That's why you posted recently that you have lost some important files.
  5. I'm not sure but I think there's no current support for MVS 2005. Anyways, try to build the Hercules 9 solution, which is a Visual Studio 2008 solution try your luck. Hmm. . maybe i just need to upgrade my MVS to 2010 to avoid any conflicts. Anyways, thanks mate! Downloading. . . . @[email protected]
  6. I'm using MVS 2005, which of Hercules 9, 10 and 11 should i build?
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