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  1. Hello again, you have made a new NBC It works fine when you add it as a monster It works fine There is a proble I want the monster to move and hit The monster disappears and appears How do I make the monster move and hit can you help me
  2. Thank you my friend for the attention How is this please Send me a picture to explain the color adjustment, please I will send you a file I will upload the first 5npc to the Hercules site 4_m_philman.spr 4_m_philman.bmp
  3. hi can you send I want to know your Facebook page
  4. I do not understand what you mean I want you to explain to me more
  5. I made NBC, but not really well. This is my first time How to modify it help plze
  6. I want help how to make a ragnarok monster I want to make a monster like poring or ifrit I want someone to teach me how to make a monster, would someone help me please?
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