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  1. Hi is there someone who can help me here ? on how to add my server updates with link and image like on the image below ..its from ragnarok official ... I think it has no notice box coz I cant see any scroll bar here ... I appreciate your help thanks
  2. Hi ! I just changed my cash shop currency into item 7179 ,,Instead of asking me to buy it using #CASHPOINTS I made it able to buy using item (credits to @anacondaq).. The Question is how will I change these ? 1. FREE CASH POINTS must read my PROOF OF DONATION or item 7179 from inventory not my cashpoints 2. Change "C" into "PODS" Please help .. I dont know how msgstringtable works there are codes like %s %d etc . thankyou !
  3. Im trying to find answers from google but I think only ro devs are capable on changing it heh heh
  4. Hi good day, these past few days I tried playing on official server the Yggdrasil ..Then I noticed that they are using 2018 client if Im not mistaken coz I saw theDaily attendance and the UI .but Im just curious on how they make their 2018 client have a 2010 char select and char create ? Can annyone teach me how to do that?thankyou
  5. Good day, I know asking for old RO is kinda weird because many prefered latest, I just want to explore since I didnt tried to create classic one ..I just want to ask if old clients are compatible with latest svn server files ? can I request for old clients I mean full clients not just ragexe or sakexe but with files like data files or system files ? thankyou stay safe fellas.
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