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  1. how to mapflag all maps in skillmodifier.txt?
  2. how to change cash shop banner and charge link: https://prnt.sc/vhfzt3
  3. hello .. thank you for the response .. i used 10372 as an ID for the mob .. may I know what is the valid ID for mobs?
  4. Hello, I hope you can help me with my problem . .i tried to make a custom mob . . i was able successfully spawn it in game . . but my problem is that . . if I try to hover my mouse pointer over it . . a callout(i don't know what it's called but the thing that indicates that you can talk to it, please refer to the attached images) will show instead of a sword(indicating that i can attack it) . . How can i fix it? and also how can i set so it disappears immediately when i killed the mob. . Thank you so much
  5. Is it possible to completely remove skill cooldown on Renewal?
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