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  1. Trouble compiling autoattack.c. Help appreciated. 'walktoxy':is not a member of 'unit_interface' (Line 65) Thanks!
  2. Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Is it possible to disable break chance when refining and/or enchanting items? Playing Renewal. I tried experimenting with "refine_db.conf" by adding " FailureBehavior: "Keep" " but that doesn't seem to work. Is there another file that I need to edit? With enchanting I've been going into each respective quest and removing the "delequip([email protected]art);" line. Just wondering if there's a better way to do it. Thanks! //Resolved. Changed 'failedrefitem [email protected];' to 'downrefitem [email protected], 0;' wherever necessary in the refiner npc scripts.
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    Looks amazing!
  4. At lvl 151 my char's max SP suddenly dropped to 19. HP is fine. Mainly Renewal mechanics but disabled some things, such as ASPD. I tried #streset but that doesn't seem to help Any ideas what is happening? Thanks. EDIT: Looks like when I disabled RENEWAL_ASPD, the job_db.conf from pre-re folder gets read, which doesn't have the SP Table beyond level 150. Manually copied the HP and SP Tables from re\job_db.conf to the pre-re file. Problem solved.
  5. I was able to set up an offline server to play following AnnieRuru's guide (thank you!) Is it possible to remove the need to use magnifier/item appraisal completely? For example, drops from mobs would automatically be identified when you open up the inventory without needing to use a magnifier Is there a setting I can change or would I need to write a script? The closest I found was a Healer + Magnifier NPC Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. hi i ran into the same problem with iz_ac02 being unwalkable can you describe what you did to solve it? i'm not sure how to update mapcache/map server... EDIT:// solved. followed instructions to compile the plugin and then generate mapcache for the problematic maps i extracted iRO files for iz_ac01 and that seemed to work had to download old maps for iz_ac02 though
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