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  1. Hi cute cute! Tip: Add a clif_displaymessage Example: sprintf (output, "You cannot use% s on this map.", Id-> jname);
  2. Okay, sorry for not explaining it to you right then. But what happens is the following.. The plugin avoids requests on maps set by mapflag noinvitation, right? example: prontera mapflag noinvitation. That is, in prontera it will not be possible to send requests However, the plugin is taking all the maps... even without a mapflag, understand? On any map I can't send requests
  3. Hello @Dastgir! thanks for updating the plugin. However, it is still not working. No error is shown on the console, but it prevents me from sending everyone a friendship. Regardless of the map, any map, it does not let me send requests.
  4. @AnnieRuru Hello Cute-cute! ❤️ This plugin is buggy, it is blocking in all cities without any additions.
  5. market.c: In function ‘mob_clone_spawn_market’: market.c:138: error: too few arguments to function ‘mob->once_spawn_sub’ market.c:143: error: ‘struct unit_interface’ has no member named ‘setdir’ market.c:161: error: ‘SI_ON_PUSH_CART’ undeclared (first use in this function) market.c:161: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once market.c:161: error: for each function it appears in.) market.c: In function ‘clif_getareachar_unit_post’: market.c:425: error: ‘SI_ON_PUSH_CART’ undeclared (first use in this function) market.c: In function ‘clif_blname_ack_pre’: market.c:441: error: variable ‘packet’ has initializer but incomplete type market.c:441: warning: excess elements in struct initializer market.c:441: warning: (near initialization for ‘packet’) market.c:441: error: storage size of ‘packet’ isn’t known market.c:441: warning: unused variable ‘packet’ how to fix @AnnieRuru? =/
  6. I'm looking for a SRC Developer for modifications. Service paid in USD. Contact by PM
  7. Hello! Are you available for this? Thank you
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