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  1. { if(groupid(0) setgroupid(7){,<account id>}) ; if(groupid(5) setgroupid(5) {,<account id>}) },{},{} like this? sorry i cant catch up, im a nub btw. >_< and thanks for the reply
  2. Can someone help me with an item script that changes the group id then turns back to previous id when expired? So I have this certain item for example a certificate that can use @autoloot (modified groupid) when used then goes back to (groupid 0) when it expired. This is my item script. LoL IDK if I'm doing it right. "{if (groupid==0) changegroupid (groupid==7);rentitem 32004,2592000},{},{}" A help will be so much appreciated. Thank you in advance. PS. I had enabled VIP system but Its a separate function from what I'm doing. It's like a different system from VIP to F2P. you get what I mean? xD Sorry though I can't elaborate.
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