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  1. I applied and test it using my development server. Issues is now resolved. thank you so much @Haru
  2. it looks you are running in centos VPS. 1. You have to check your SELINUX first using command getenforce and the results should be Disabled To disable SELINUX, login on your VPS using root user and you can type command getenforce 0 to set disable. 2. Second please try to disable your firewall To check if you have running firewall you can type command on your root login using command iptables -nL OR systemctl status firewalld you can temporary disable your firewall using command systemctl stop firewalld then try to connect again on your RO client. if the issues is firewall, you have to configure your firewall properly and open specific port only. NOTE: DISABLE FIREWALL IS NOT SAFE, IT MAY CAUSE YOUR SERVER OPEN TO PUBLIC.
  3. Hi hadiesyafiq, it looks firewall issues. Can you check if your iptables if running or allowed the port? Also you can check your PACKETVER in vi src/common/mmo.h
  4. Hi sir, I tried the scripts and it looks the data below is not working. No data shown for Top 10 Emp Breaker [Char] - No results Top 10 Emp Break [Guild] - No results good thing is no any error found on the server or db. Thank you Sir
  5. I tried the script and it really works fine Thank you so much AnnieRuru
  6. Hi Sir, Kindly check attached screenshot, hope the scenario below will help to check on the error. Scenario 1. 1. Login on the my Test Server 2. Create new Character and Set job to Stalker 3. Set skill all to Stalker with lvl 10 Plagirism 4. Set Map 15 to PVP on Found: No issues on the server Scenario 2. 1. Attack the STALKER using BOWLING BASH. 2. Stalker copied the skills from the KNIGHT (BOWLING BASH) then after two minutes error will pop up on the server.
  7. Yes sir, I am using pre-re. with Latest release from Github v2020.09.20
  8. Any one encountered this error on the server? - Noticed the issues is only for Rouge and Stalker Job - After activating Plagiarism and Copied skills MariaDB [(none)]> [Error]: --- failed assertion -------------------------------------------- [Error]: char.c:931: 'p->skill.flag == SKILL_FLAG_PERMANENT || p->skill.flag == SKILL_FLAG_PERM_GRANTED || p->skill.flag > SKILL_FLAG_REPLACED_LV_0' in function `char_mmo_char_tosql' [Error]: 0x44b1f6 nullpo_backtrace_print [Error]: /home/google/database/src/common/nullpo.c:77 [Error]: 0x44b1f6 assert_report [Error]: /home/google/database/src/common/nullpo.c:147 [Error]: 0x41c4e7 char_mmo_char_tosql [Error]: /home/google/database/src/char/char.c:931 [Error]: 0x40a9c3 char_parse_frommap_save_character [Error]: /home/google/database/src/char/char.c:3604 [Error]: 0x41e2a0 char_parse_frommap [Error]: /home/google/database/src/char/char.c:4360 [Error]: 0x45e86d do_sockets [Error]: /home/google/database/src/common/socket.c:1484 [Error]: 0x407f71 main [Error]: /home/google/database/src/common/core.c:539 [Error]: 0x7f5bfc83a554 ??? [Error]: ???:0 [Error]: 0x408132 ??? [Error]: ???:0 [Error]: 0xffffffffffffffff ??? [Error]: ???:0 [Error]: --- end failed assertion ----------------------------------------
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