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  1. you need to add it to make file.
  2. This works perfectly fine on me i just did a lot of rebuilt code on it and it is fully working on my end.
  3. No more update on this one the only autoattack successfuly rebuilt is from levRO.
  4. you can import things thru sql command. or in phpmyadmin install it on your debian. you need to install php/ phpmyadmin and configure it. if you want to. You can also perform a remote connection to your vps without phpmyadmin so you can easily connect your sql to your MYSQL Query browser. In default it was set as no connection other than so you need to enable your ip restriction to able connect it on your windows.
  5. I only know 13.2 on pre-renewal on renewal i don't know which episode it is.
  6. Ano naging problema?
  7. It is possible using autoattack system. but you need to enhance it. :).
  8. Sometimes i experience this try to rebuild your patch file and upload it. maybe it will work.
  9. Check carefully the conf/global/sql_configuration it about your database configuration. your mysql. You should setup your mysql username password.
  10. hello is this a old svn or new?
  11. Coookie


    You need to add it manually. This source has no confirmation on delay skill since it use different ms of skills and items.
  12. Coookie


    Try to add some skill delay checker on it.
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