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  1. i have issue for 8 hours and more and did not fix yet im trying to start a server and when i click run-server.bat 3 windows appear sayd map serve and inter server and char-server.exe ! all exe files! has not been found...??? when i tried another method by using PuTTY from :

    in section B. 

    B. Configure your server

    Start Putty and enter server's IP address>>>> AFTER I DONE IT SAYS NETWORK ERROR CONNECTION REFUSED

    Connect with root then type the password you got by email. (You wont see " * " when you type)>>> what email ?!?!?!?1

    To change your password enter the following line >>>>>>>>I DONT SEE PASSWORD OPTION OR WINDOW IN PuTTY?!?!

    passwd     .



    Screenshot (1).png

    Screenshot (2).png

    Screenshot (3).png

  2. I need some solution for my problem. When I start run-server.bat 3, window appear with each file it says:map-server.exe,char-server.exe.inter-server.exe was not found... . 


    What's the method to fix? I tried compile all 3 mvs herc.SNL file by choosing build with realease option instead of debug. But nothing happened. 


    And I'm trying other method to start herc emu by using Putty but I don't know how to use I tried 

    But on section B. b.configure server

    1- Start Putty and enter server's IP address. I did on first option but after I click ok nothing next only error window appear idk what the case forgot...



    2- Connect with root then type the password you got by email. (You wont see " * " when you type)

    To change your password enter the following line

    passwd.  ^^^^ Where do I find this root connection and the password sent via email ? It doesn't appear in Putty??


    Please help



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